It was 12:30 pm. and you decided that it was time for you to go to sleep. Alone...again. It sucked not having Niall here with you. Stupid tour. Well it was great for the boys to explore the world, and meet their fans all at such a young age, but you were seperated for so long, and some night you would miss him even more than others.

You went and changed into your pajamas in the bathroom, and brushed your hair and teeth before walking out and looking at the huge bed you half-expected Niall to be there. Stupid imagination.

You sighed and climbed in, and as if on cue, your phone rang on the bedside table.

The name that flashed across the screen made the biggest smile spread across your face: Niall.

You asnwered the phone.

"Hello?" You asked smiling.

"Hey Naomi, how are you?" He asked you.

"I'm great. Its kind of lonely without you here. What about you?" You asked him excited to hear his voice.

"I know same thing here, but besides that, I'm great. What are you doing?" He asked.

"Oh I was just about to go to sleep." You told him shrugging, but he couldn't see you.

"Oh, I'm sorry princess, if you want to-" He started but you cut him off.

"No!" You said a little too loud. "I Well I would much rather talk to you." You told him smiling.

He chuckled. "Okay then, how has it been over there?" He asked you.

You talked to him for another half an hour about how things were going, all about how him and your families were doing, until he had to go.

"I cant wait to see you, Princess. I miss you. Just two more weeks." Niall said through the phone.

"Just two more weeks." You repeated. "I miss you incredibly. I love you." You replied.

"I love you too, Naomi. Sleep tight." He said before you hung up the phone.

You guys talked almost every night, and you missed him more than anything. It was hard to be apart from Niall for so long, but it made you a much stonger couple. But the worst part was you felt a little insecure about the whole situation.

Niall, as well as the rest of the boys, see and meet thousands of girls that were much prettier than you were. Plus the fact that you haven't had sex with Niall yet made it ten times worse.

He might find a better girl that could give him that.

While sitting in your room your legs and arms all over your bed, you decided that it was time. You wanted to give yourself to Niall, and you weren't going to let anything stop you when he got home.

Two weeks wasn't so bad, but for now, you wanted to tell him. It was only 5 p.m. in the states where he was and it's 1 a.m where you were.

You decided to call him back, and tease him a bit, even though you said you said you were going to sleep, you had too much on your mind to sleep now.

"Hello?" Niall said on the other line.

For some reason, this time his voice just turned you on.

"Hi, baby." You replied as seductively as possible.

"Naomi, I thought you were going to sleep? You have work tomorrow. You should go to bed." Niall ordered, but that didn't matter right now. You had to tell him.

"Niaalllll," You whined. "I want you so bad." You whispered exageratting to 'so' as you heard Niall breathing get heavy.

"W-what?" He stuttered, and you knew it was working.

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