"Are you ready yet, babe?" Niall called from downstairs.

"Yes." You said already coming down the stairs in black skinny jeans and a white Ed Sheeran tank top with some of his lyrics written across it in orange as you put a lightly orange beanie on top of your dirty blond hair, and matched it with white TOMS.

You and Niall had been invited to Josh, who is the drummer of One Direction, little get together dinner thingy. You didn't really know what to call it, but that's where you two were headed.

"You look beautiful, princess." Niall said.

"As always." The thing you loved about Niall was he would never call you 'sexy' or 'hot' he would always say you looked beautiful.

"Thank you." You answered, blushing.

"Aww, your blushing, Jessi!

"Niall teased which only caused you to blush a deep shade of crimson as he kissed your cheek.

"No I'm not!" You defended yourself.

"Yes you are." Niall retorted poking your cheek.

"Okay, okay, maybe I am, but you look great too." You told him as you eyed his formal wear of blue jeans and a white flannel shirt.

"Woah. That's the first time I've actually won something." Niall said surprised.

"Don't get used to it, Horan." You told him pointing at him with your index finger.

"Not planning on it, babe." He said smiling making you smile.

"Okay are you ready?" He asked you as you chuckled, and nodded your head.

"Let's go." Niall said as you linked arms, and walked to your car. He opened the door for you and you thanked him before getting in. '

The whole car ride was full of laughter, scream singing, and cheeky puns. The radio was blasted, as always, and Niall was trying, and succeeding,  to make you laugh the whole way.

Niall finally pulled into Josh's driveway.

 You got out of the car and Niall quickly rushed over and took you hand, earning a smile.

You and Niall made your way to Josh's door and knocked , in less than thrity seconds, Josh was at the door.

"Hey guys! It's great to see you!" Josh said with a big smile.

"Come on in." He said as he and Niall did a little handshake.

"Hey mate, how's it been?" Niall asked.

"Its been great! Hey Jessi what's up?" He said turning to you as he gave you a small hug , and you gave eachother a peck on the cheek.

"Nothing much. Its great seeing you again." You said as you pulled away.

"You too, love." He said before closing the door behind you, and turning to Niall.

"So pretty much everyone is here, we're just waiting on Ed." Josh said leading you guys to the living room where eveyone was gathered.

"Ed?" You asked.

"Yeah. Ed Sheeran? You know him?" Josh said as he kept walking.

Your jaw practically hit the floor. "KNOW HIM? I fricken adore him. Do you see the shirt?" You said motioning to the tank top you were wearing. "Holy crap! I'm going to be in the same room as Ed Sheeran." You said as you finally reached the living room.

"So you are a fan then?" Josh asked you mockingly as he chuckled.

You just glared at him, and he immediatley stopped, which caused Niall to laugh.

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