"Mariam?" You heard someone say as they knocked on the door.

"Come in!" You mumbled turning in your bed.

"What are you still doing in bed? It's 10:30, and we need to be at the chapel by 11:00! Come on, chop chop!" Danielle said clapping her hands.

"No, ten more minutes!" You said putting the pillow over your head.

"Mariam, it's your wedding day, you should be excited, now get up!' Perrie said pulling the covers off of you. "As our job as bridesmaids, we need to get you there and ready on time." she continued.

"Okay, okay fine, I'm up." You said getting up.

"Okay good, now just grab a shower, and throw on a pair of sweats, everything else is already at the chapel." Danielle said, and that's exactly what you did. You took a shower, put on some white lace panties and bra, because hey it's a wedding, and there is always a honey moon after the wedding, if you're catching my drift, but when that was done, you just grabbed your phone and you were off.


All three of you got out of the car, laughing like crazy because of the jokes that you had made while in the car, but you all stepped through the doors of the Church you were getting married in.

"Your room is this way." Danielle said dragging you into the direction of the room where all of your wedding items were.

You walked in, and you were plopped down in a chair.

"Are you ready to look like a princess?" Perrie squealed.

"...yes?" You said, unsure of what exactly they had planned.

"Of course you are, Lou!" Danielle said calling Lou, One Direction's hair stylist over.

"Hey, babe, how are you? Are you excited as they both are?" Lou asked motioning to Danielle and Perrie with the hairbrush in her hand.

"I'm fantastic, I'm probably more excited than both of them combined." You said giggling.

"That's good to hear. Louis' a great guy, you two are perfect for each other." She said smiling at you, and you blushed at the thought of Louis, and smiled back. "Well, lets' get started, shall we?" She said starting on your wavy brown hair.

She played music, and you all sang along with her as she did all of your hair one by one.

Your bridesmaids were Perrie, Danielle, and the rest of Little Mix because you had all grown close over the years since Perrie was dating Zayn. The rest of the girl had just arrived, but they decided they would do each other's hair, to make it easier on Lou.

After your hair was finished, Perrie did everyone's makeup, and you were just fixing last minute details since it was still to early to put on the dresses, and possibly risk getting them ruined, so as of this moment, it was 2:30, and the wedding started at 5:00, and you were all calling the boys, who were at the reception, and making sure everything was ready.

"Zayn says, all of the food has been delivered, and it's all being cooked." Perrie informed you.

"Great, and Danielle?" You asked turning to her.

"Liam says all the decorations are up, and he sent me a picture." She says showing you her phone.

You take it in your hands, and gasp. It looked beautiful, with the main colors being a baby blue and white, it looked incredible. Everything matched, from the baby blue and white roses, and the baby blue and white ribbons tied to the back of the chairs, and the table clothes, and all of the majestic chandeliers everywhere, it just looked like a dream

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