"What are you doing tonight?" Eleanor asked you as you entered Starbucks.

She had just picked you up earlier claiming she was 'bored', so you decided on going to the Starbucks.

"Zayn said he wanted me to go shopping with him. Then he said he's taking me somewhere 'fun' ." You told her answering her question as we walked inside the coffee shop.

"Oooooo! Zayn and you." She said wiggling her eyebrows, and giving you a wink.

You chuckled. "Its just shopping, El. I swear, your like a girl version of Louis." You told her.

"Well duh." She said flashing me a smile as we ordered our drinks. "Where is this 'fun' place he's takin you?" She asked energetically.

"Dunno. He just said its "nothing too fancy" and to "dress casualy". You told her quoting Zayn from earlier.

"Sounds like your gonna have real fun." She said winking.

You just chuckled and shook your head in a playful manner. "Not the kinda fun your thinking of, El." You told her smiling.

"You never know, Jaci..." She said drifting off.

You just laughed. No wonder her and Louis are together. They're like two peas in a pod. "So, what are you gonna do tonight?" You asked her returning her question.

"Lou said he's taking me out on some sort of 'adventure'." She said air-quoting 'adventure'.

"Well, good luck." You told her chuckling.

"Thanks...I'll need it." She said jokingly as we stepped out of Starbucks, and made our way back to the car.

You got in the passanger sit as Eleanor sat in the driver seat, and turned on the radio.

"Hey girl I'm waitin' on yuh.

I'm waitin on yuh," The radio started in Liam's voice.

You and El looked at eachother and began singing.



THE MUSIC UP THE WINDOWS DOWN!" You two scream-sang at eachother.

"Yeah, we be doin' what we do, just pretendin' that we cool, so tongiht..." Zayn's voice sang.

You smiled. Even if it was on the radio, his voice gave you shivers.

You and El sang the rest of the song as you laughed at eachother.

Pretty soon, you were pulling up to your flat.

"Can you help me pick an outfit for when I go out with Zayn?" You asked her.

"Sure, love." She said as you walked into your bedroom with her follwing.

"What about this?" She said pulling out a pair of skinny jeans out with a purple top.

"Hmmm..." You said questioning it. "Nahh." You said after exaiming it.

"Okay, what about these," She said pulling out a pair of denim shorts. "With......this?" She continued pulling out a half-sleeved, button up, white blouse.

"I love it." You said approvingly.

"Then you can match it with your fedora and black leather jacket." She said laying them all out on the bed.

"Thanks, El." You said as you took the clothes to the bathroom and changed.

You didn't have to shower since you already did this morning, so you put on the clothes, and fixed your hair before applying mascara and lipstick. When you were done, you looked in the mirror.

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