"You want to go out to eat?" Harry asks you.

You were currently sitting down watching t.v., and Harry was laying down with his head on your lap.

You look down at him.

"Now? Where would we go?" You asked him playing with his hair.

"Yeah, we can go somewhere fancy so you can wear a dress for me." He said in his low British accent, while throwing his world famous smirk and wink.

"Okay, let's go." You told him standing up, and going upstairs of the flat you shared with Harry.

You made a bee line for the shower, and hoped in.


After you got out of the shower, you wrapped yourself in a towel before seeing an outfit hung on the back of the door. Harry must if picked it out

You walked up to the outfit, and saw that it was a tight, red dress that ended mid-thigh. As if that wasn't enough, he lied out a matching pair of black, lace underwear and bra.Classic Harry.

You chuckled to yourself before turning taking your robe off, and putting the outfit on.

After that was done, you dried your brown hair, and styled it down. You then applied some light make-up, and got out of the bathroom.

Boys wonder why it takes so long for a girl in a bathroom? Well there you go.

You walked up to your closet, and matched your dress with some black pumps that ALMOST made you as tall as Harry. Let's face it, that boy was huge.

You inspected yourself in the mirror before walking downstairs.

You found Harry on the couch.

"Okay, I'm ready." You told him picking up your purse from the table.

He turned and got up from the couch. "Hey, your wearing the outfit I picked." He said smiling.

"Well, what would be the point of you laying it out then?" You asked him 

before walking to the front door. Just as you were about to open it, Harry's arm came and closed it. You turned around confused. "What was tha-" You started to say, but you stopped once you realized how close he actually was. His face was inches away from your face, and you could feel him breath on your face. But you were mesmerized by his piercing green eyes that were looking intently into your brown ones.

"I wonder if you wore the matching bra and underwear too?" He mumbled.

You put your hands on his thighs slowly moving them up his hard abs until you stopped by gripping his shoulders. You could feel his breathing quicken. You slowly started to lean in, his eyes closed as he waited for the contact. You stopped, your lips barely a centimeter away from his.

"Too, bad we'll never know though." You whispered to him as you removed your hands from his shoulders as you leaned away, and opened the door as you turned to give him a wink, before walking out, and going to the car leaving him incredibly sexually frustrated.

You got in the passenger seat of the car, and looked at him. He stood in the same position, dumbfounded with his jaw cleaned and his hands balls up in fists or a good minute. It was fun to tease him.

He got himself under control before walking out, locking the door, and joining you in the car. With you smirking, accomplished of what you did.

"Just wait 'till we get home, babe. You'll be screaming for mercy...literally." He said before starting the car, and driving to the restaurant.

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