"This is so frustrating!" You said to yourself as you looked through your closet.

"What's wrong babe?" Niall, your boyfriend of a year and a half, asked you.

"I can't find my bikini!" You said putting your hands on your hips and turning to him. He just chuckled and shook his head.

"What?" You said not understanding why he was laughing.

"Babe, you layed it out on the bed an hour ago." He said walking to the bed you two shared and picking it up.

You blushed and made your way towards it.

"Thanks." You mumbled as you took it from him and went to the bathroom to put it on.

It was a white, basic, bikini with pink and blue feathery designs on it. When you had it on, you put your straught brown hair in a side fish tail braid leaving your side bangs out, and put your blue sunglasses on top of your hair and exited the bathroom.

When Niall saw you his eyes almost popped out of his head. He was wearing blue swim trunks with a t-shirt on, and you almost looked like you were matching.

"Like what you see?" You said as you made you way back to your closet. You grabbed denim shorts, a Beatles crop top and put it on on top of your bikini.

You felt a pair of arms wrap around you, and a pair of lips press to your shoulder.

"Ni, not now. We have to go to the beach and meet up with everybody.

"Damn it, Patricia." He mumbled.

"What?" You asked as you shook out of his grip, and turned to face him.

"Why do you do this to me?" He groaned as he leaned down and pressed his soft, plump lips to yours.

You kissed him back, and when you parted you smiled and looked at Niall.

"Its not my fault you made plans to go to the beach." You told him teasingly as you walked downstairs leaving Niall there, dumbfounded.

You grabbed your beach bag, which contained you and Niall's things, and the car keys, as you slipped on white flip-flops to match your bikini.

You walked out of the house, and to the driveway where your car was parked. It just so happened to be a silver convertible.

You climbed in the drivers side since you wouldn't let Niall drive your car. I mean come on it was like your baby.

You put the bag into the backseat and slipped on your sunglasses as you started the car, and waited for Niall.

He climbed in the passengers seat, and sighed.

"Am I going to ever be able to drive this car?" He asked you.

"Am I ever going to be able to drive the Range Rover?" You retorted.

"Touche." He said knowing the answers to both were no.

"But mine is betterrrr." You sang.

"Is not." Niall said.

"Oh yeah?" You said as your raised your eyebrows and put the roof top down.

"Oh yeah? Well my car can...can...uhm..." He started.

"Exactly." You said full of pride. Your arguments were usually like fights seven year old would have.

"Did I tell you that you look beautiful." Niall said sweetly.

You bushed and turned around to look at him. "You did not, but thank you. "

"Anytime, princess." He said and came over and gave you a kiss, with your noses touching afterwards.

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