~Your POV~

"Liam! Calm down! All I did is ask you one fucking question." I told my boyfriend, Liam Payne, as I leaned my head on the car window.

" Y/N, how many times do I have to tell you that me and Danielle are just a set up by management." He said clutching the wheel with a tighter grip and clenching his jaw even tighter. "I don't even like her." he said through his teeth.

"You keep saying that yet you treat her like a fucking princess holding on to her with your life, and buying her anything she lays an eye one meanwhile I'm at home watching gossip shows about "1D's cutest couple." I said air quoting the last part. "And you're treating me like a fucking girl off the street!" I told him getting more and more upset.

"Can we just talk about this later?" he said speeding up the car.

"No. We're talking about this now!" I told him annoyed by his lack of interest.

"Fine. Whatever. Talk then." he said I heard him mumble "No need to be a bitch." clearly it wasn't meant for me to hear.

"Oh so I'm a bitch now?!" I said surprised

"Well your're kinda acting like one now aren't you?" he said back

I was completely shocked "God, Liam what the hell has gotten into you? Your changing all of a sudden." I told him disgusted. Before I could think of what else to say he hit the brakes as fast as he could. I turned to him shocked by what he just did. "What the fuck are you doing?!" I said wide-eyed.

"I'm the one that's changing?!" he said getting upset. "You're the one that's getting mad over every little fucking thing I do. 'Liam, why did you open the door for her?'" He says, quoting me "'Liam, were you just checking her out?', 'Liam, why did you go see that movie while the boys and not me?', Lia-'" I've had it.

"ENOUGH, LIAM! I DON'T DO THAT, YOU KNOW I DON'T! I'm so sorry for wanting to spend time with my boyfriend who I only get to see for 3 weeks ,the most, at a time before he goes on tour with a girl that 'management' set up" I told him sarcastically. Getting upset over how he could be such a douche bag sometimes.

"Well I have other people besides you ya know." he said leaning back in his seat sighing.

Why was he being such an ass. "Ughh! Whatever! I'm out of here. Have fun with Danielle and your 'other people'" I say air quoting the last part. And then getting out of the car.

"I think I will." he said starting to drive off leaving me there.

"Did he just leave?" I ask myself aloud. A part of me wanted him to say he's sorry and he loves me and just take me home and forget this ever happened. But he left? Something was really bothering him. I reached out my phone and called my best friend, Y/B/F/N.

"Hello?" she answered almost immediately

"Hey Y/B/F/N. Could you come pick me up? Me and Liam got into a fight and I got out of the car and he left." I said not believing what I just said.

"Oh God, Y/N. Sure I'll be right there. Where are you?" She asked me.

"Uh I'm near Cross street and there's McDonald's and a gas station oh wait I'm near the Nandos." I told her recognizing the restaurant since we go there all of the time.

"Okay I'll be right there babe." she says.

"Okay thanks. Bye." I say hanging up before she could respond.

A short while later I saw her car come up. I opened the door and got in.

"Are you okay? What happened? Why'd he just leave?" she asked me all at once turning the volume knob down on the radio.

"Whoa whoa one question at a time." I told her.

"Oh yeah. Sorry. So explain." she told me starting to drive.

I told her the whole story even though there wasn't that much to tell. When I was finished she was as shocked as I was.

"Wow. What had gotten into him?" she asked me.

"I don't know..that's what I said." I told her confused by Liam's actions.

"Whatever. Let's go back to my flat and watch some movies. Oh and Louis there. We were hanging out when you called." she told me and I felt guilty. Louis and Y/B/F/N have been going out for a little more than you and Liam. Its mostly the reason you two met in the first place.

"Oh I'm sorry. You can just drop me off at me and Liam's. I don't want to he interrupting-" I started but she cut me off.

"Nonsense. We both love having you around." she said "Plus you have no choice." she continued.

I laughed a little "Okay then." I told her as we pulled up to her house.

~6 hours later~

"Where is he? I'm starting to get worried. Its getting late." I told Louis and Y/B/F/N who were thinking the same thing.

"Don't worry, Y/N." Louis started "Liam's a big boy he knows you're here and will walk through that door any minute." Louis said reassuring me. And then as if on cue Liam walked in.

"HEY, BABY! THERE YOU ARE!" he practically yelled at he waked sloppily towards me. He was drunk out of his mind.

"Liam, you're drunk." I told him as I held him up and led him to the couch. "And I've been worried sick. Why didn't you call or text me?" I told him upset.

"Silly goose, Y/N I'm not drunk! You're just sober." he said pecking on the nose with his finger. Not being sober enough to understand what he was saying "And I was busy." he tells me.

"Doing what, Liam?! What could you possibly doing that's not worth a phone call to me to let me know your okay?" I asked him.

"I was fucking Danielle." he said mumbling. I gasped shocked followed by gasps from Louis and Y/B/F/N.

"What?" I asked whispering with tears forming in my eyes.


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