"Naomi? Babe are you here?" You heard an adorable Irish accent call from downstairs of the flat you shared with Niall.

"I'm up here!" you called back to him.

After a few seconds he was at the bedroom door looking at you reading your book.

"You're always reading, princess. Why don't you go out for one night with me. It'll be my going away present." He said while leaning against the door frame.

You couldn't help it if you liked reading so much. But he was right. Niall only had 2 days before he left for his tour. You closed your book and looked up at him.

"Okay what do you want to do then?" You asked as he walked closer to you, sitting next to you on the bed. He looked into your gray eyes, which he loved about you. He thought it made you special and unique.

"How about we go...clubbing?" He said hesitantley as if you would get upset.

"Okay!" You said while hoping off the bed.

"Okay? That's it? Just like that?" He said following you with a confused expression on his face.

"Yes...? What's so weird about that?" You said turning around to face him.

"Nothing." He said crossing his arms. "I just see you as the 'clubbing type'." he said smiling.

"Well then, you just wait." You said whispering in his ear.

You went and grabbed a quick shower and put on a pink dress that made your figure look good. You put your light brown hair down and you dryed and brushed through it. You put on a few braclets and a pair of heels to match your bag. Which had your phone in it. You walked downstairs and called for Niall.

"Niall?" You called looking around. He came out of the kitchen holding a sandwich. But sandwich fell out of his hands and onto the plate as his jaw dropped seeing how you looked.

"Wow..." He started "You actually do look like a princess." He said making you blush as putting his plate with the sandwich on it on the table and walking up to you wrapping his hands around your waist."Well, your majesty, shall we go?" he said kiddingly.

"We shall." you said as he gave you a small peck on the lips before holding out a hand for you to take. You took it and were out the door.

You've never been clubbing before, well not with Niall. You've been to the club with your friends a couple times before. But this time, its going to be different. You pulled up to a club with music booming that you could hear it from the outside. And there were drunk people everywhere, lights flashing, and a huge line from the door.

"Niall? How long do you think its gonna take us to get through that?" You said pointing to the line of people that was getting bigger by the second.

"I know people." He told you. He winked at you then started walking to the guard at the front of the line with his hand on your back.

"Hey Pat!" Niall told the guard while doing the 'guy high-five thing' and giving him some money.

"Hey Niall." He said back while opening the door to the club. You could see some annoyed people in the starring at you. Oh well.

You walked into the club and it was packed! But it looked amazing. There were all different kinds of lights everywhere and people dancing their butts off, there was a bar with stroke lights pointing towards it. You where interuppted by Niall.

"Naomi?" He said waving a hand in your face.

"Hmm? Yeah?" You said looking at him.

"I don't know, I asked you if you wanted to get some drinks and you didn't answer?" He said smirking.

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