"Attention passengers, Flight 297 from the United States to London will be landing in five minutes, please be sure to buckle your seat belts, and be seated for the rest of the flight. Thank you for flying with us." The captain of the plain spoke into the intercome.

You were currently on a flight to visit Niall in London while the boys were on a break from their tour. You would be staying there for the majority of a month, and you could not wait. Your boyfriend of one year would be in the airport in under five minutes to pick you up. After six months of seeing him, he was gonna be there with you.

Your nerves were kicking in, and you were smiling at the thought of seeing Niall agian.

The five minutes of the flight went by surprisingly fast, and you already went through luggage and security before walking through the final gate and looking around for Niall.

Your searched through the tops of heads of people, since you were stanidng on your tip-toes, until you saw that unmissable blond hair.

"Niall!" You screamed as he looked over in your direction.

His bright blue eyes lit up, if that was even possible to become more blue than they already were, and he ran towards you. You dropped all of the bags in your hand, and opened your arms as big as they could go for a hug.

"Allison!" His voice echoed as he embraced you in the biggest hug. His arms wrapped around your waist, and your arms slung around his neck and you leaned your forehead on his shoulder breathing in his scent.

"Hi Niall." You mumbled.

"Hi, princess." He said as he kissed the top of your head, and stroking your dark brown hair.

You took your head off of his shoulder, and looked into his eyes. "I missed you." You say smiling.

"I missed you too, love." He said smiling as he leaned in to kiss you.

You leaned up on your tip toes and met him halfvway as your lips met and moved together in-sync.

When the kiss broke, you smiled at him.

"You don't know how much I've missed that." You told him.

"Oh I do." He said as you took your hand, and gives you a wink. He then picked up the luggage you dropped previously as you made your way to the car.

You put the handbag you were carring in the trunk of the car, and Niall put the suitcase he was carring before you both got in the car. Niall climbed in the drivers side, and you climbed in the passengers side, and he started the car and took your right hand in his left one, since the cars were backwards in London, and he put his other hand on the wheel as he started making his way to his flat.

"So how was the tour?" You asked him.

"It was amazing, babe. We got to visit tons of different places, and we learned how to surf when we went to Australlia. You should of been there." He said with so much amuse in his eyes.

"I wish I could've, but I still have school." You told him.

"Well, remember you promised that on your summer break, you were going to come with us." He reminded you.

"Of coarse I will." You told him.

The rest of the ride consisted of you and Niall catching up on the things you missed from being apart for six months.

After the short drive, you pulled up to the driveway at the flat you would be staying in with Niall, you and he took your bags, and headed inside only to be greeted by a big feast of food.

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