"Shh, baby girl, it's okay," I cooed as I bounced my baby girl slowly and swayed from side to side.

Her blaring voice wouldn't stop. It was currently a little past 3:00 AM and her crying had been going nonstop for over ten minutes.

"It's okay, Ella. You're fine, baby. Your diaper is clean, your tummy is full, and all you have to do is close your eyes," I say to her as she begins to quiet down. "There you go, baby." I smile as she relaxes in my arms.

Her crying stops altogether and she lets out a little babble noise.

"I can't really understand you, baby girl, but I'll agree as long as you go to sleep," I say softly, kissing her little nose.

Her eyes begin to flutter closed slowly as her babbles stop.

"You seem to be understanding me perfectly well, though." I smile at her, placing her down in her crib. "You're quite the genius, Ella."

I admire her little sleeping body for a minute as she moves slightly. She had brown hair, just like Harry's. My hair was brown as well, but Harry's and Ella's were a more darker brown than mine was. Although she was barely a week old, her dimples were clearly visible as well, another trait she got from her dad. What made her even more unique was the fact that she had my eyes, the perfect shade of blue.

I have to force myself to walk away from her little perfect body. If I could, I would stare at her 24/7. That sounds a little creepy, but who cares? She's my daughter. She's Harry's daughter. She's the perfect mix of us, and I loved her more than anything.

I walk out of the room and make my way down the hall to Harry and I's shared room. Usually, he slept through her random crying during the night, although this time, I find him sitting in bed, on his phone.

"Is she finally asleep?" Harry asks, putting his phone down on the nightstand as he turns to me.

His forest green eyes meet mine and, just like the first day I met him, butterflies in my stomach erupt.

"Yeah." I sigh, sitting down on my side of the bed. "She just wanted to be held," You say, smiling at him.

"What about his mum?" His sleepy voice asks, scooting towards you.

"What about her?" I ask, pulling my blonde hair onto one shoulder.

"Does she want to be held?" He smirks, showing off his dimples. That stupid little smirk. He knew I loved it, and it was my weakness.

He was now centimeters away from you as he put one of his knees up, resting his arm upon it.

"Yeah," I said softly, bringing my forehead to touch his as my eyes shifted to his desire filled lips. "I think she does," I continued, bringing my lips to meet his.

He smiles against my mouth as he puts one of his hands on the back of my neck, pushing me closer to him. I smile at his desire to be closer to me and place my hand on his chest, feeling his toned chest beneath my palm.

He's the one that pulls back, due to not wanting to go any further. I mentally thanked whatever reason he had to stop because, let's face it, it's not exactly bliss doing it with a woman who just gave birth six days ago.

"It's not what you think, Amy." He tilts my chin up to meet his eyes. "Remember what the doctor said? 'No sexual activity involving penetration for at least a week,'" He says, mimicking the doctor's oddly high-pitched voice. "Like, why couldn't he just say 'don't have sex for seven days, comprende?' He had to make it all awkward," Harry finished, shifting uncomfortably.

I laugh, pecking his lips once, toning down his anxiety level. "It's fine, Har," I laugh. " I'm actually really tired.

"C'mere, baby girl," He says to me, opening his arms wide.

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