"Well Angela, congratulations you're pregnant." The doctor said looking up from the clipboard he was holding.

"Really?" You asked as tears started to water in your eyes. "I'm going to have a baby? A real baby?" You asked smiling and crying tears of joy.

"Yes you are. According to this," He said reading off of his clipboard. "You're nearing fifteen weeks." He spoke smiling.

"That's great!" You exclaimed wiping some of your tears away. "I'm having a real baby." You said more to yourself.

"Indeed it is. Will you be dealing with this pregnancy alone?" He asked.

"Umm no. No, I have my boyfriend. He's going to be there with me." You said thinking of how happy Harry will be once you tell him your pregnant.

"Very well then. Make sure you eat plenty of food now, since your supplying for two, no drinking any sort of alcohol, and make you may get morning sickness for a couple more weeks." He explained.

"Okay, will do." You told him smiling.

"Do you have any questions about your pregnancy?" He asked you.

"Uhm yes, when will I be able to find out the gender?" You asked him.

"Well you can usually tell the gender around seventeen weeks, so if you come back in a couple of weeks, we would be able to run a test, and find out." He said smiling.

"Okay, that's great. I'll be back then. Thank you." You told him getting off of the bed you were sitting on.

"Happy to help. I'll see you in a couple of weeks." He said walking out of the room.

You walked out to the front desk, and scheduled an appointment in two weeks then you started driving back home to the flat you shared with Harry.


Once you pulled in the driveway, you turned off the car, and sat back in the seat.

You closed your eyes, and took a deep breathe. Its time to tell Harry he was about to become a father.

Hopefully, he would understand and be happy like you were about having a baby together. Harry was a sweet, down to earth guy, he would most likely be happy about having a baby together.

But then there was still that small chance that he would be the complete opposite; angry and disappointed.

You shook your head, and abandoned that thought, not wanted to think about the possibility of Harry not being supportive during this pregnancy.

You opened your eyes, and stepped out of the car. You opened your front door, and shut it behind you as you placed your purse and car keys on the side table near the door.

You were already standing in the living room, and there was no sound of Harry so you walked to the kitchen.

"Harry, are you here?" You asked as you entered the kitchen only to find it unoccupied.

Just as you began to grow worried, you heard the shower turn on from up stairs.

You walked up the stairs, and to the bedroom, since the master bedroom was connected with a bathroom, and the shower in there was the one currently being used.

You opened the door, as you spoke.

"Harry, I have some news to tell-" You stopped talking when you witnessed the scene in front of you.

There was a blond haired girl naked in your bed, staring at you, attempting to cover herself up.

"Umm...hi?" She said with a high pitched voice.

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