"Hello?" I speak into my phone. 

"Hey, Francesca, it's Niall." The Irish voice says at the other end of the phone. 

"Oh hey, Niall!" I greet him.

He laughs before responding. "Hey, hun. So you landed already, right?" 

"Yeah, a while ago actually. I'm walking out of the airport now," I say, walking outside.

"Okay, we're waiting near the big green arrivals sign," He tells me.

"Uhhhh," I start looking around. "Ah, yeah I see you," I say as I hang up and start walking towards him, rolling my luggage behind me.

"Francesca!" Liam screamed as all of the boys, except Harry, ran and squished me in a group hug.

"Hey guys!" I yelled back.

"Haz is going to be so psyched to see you!" Louis exclaimed.

The boys and I had planned for me to fly in and surprise Harry while the boys are on tour, and now was the perfect time to do so since the boys have been telling me he's been in a funk.

"I know, I'm excited to see him too!" I smiled at the thought of him. 

"C'mon then, what are we waiting for?" Zayn rushes us, and just in time too because a big crowd of photographers and screaming girls are heading our way.


"What time is it?"  I yawned as we pulled up at the hotel. 

"Almost midnight." Niall says, rubbing his eyes. 

"Okay, guys, we're here." The driver says, parking the car. 

"Let's go make a certain curly haired boy's day!" Zayn exclaims as we run into the hotel, onto the elevator, down the hall and to the front door of Harry's room. 

"Wait!" Liam yells before I get the chance to open to door. He takes out his phone to record a video. "Okay, go." 

Louis walks in first, then Liam, then me, followed by Niall and Zayn.

"Harry, guess what we have for-" Louis stops talking and I walk in front of Liam to see what's going on. 

The next few seconds happen in slow motion. 

The moment I step in front of Liam, the first thing I see is Harry on top of a girl on the couch, her top off.

"F-Fracescca?" Harry gasps as he climbs of the couch and walks towards me.

I realize that I'm just standing there, doing nothing.

"N-n-no! Stay away from me!" I yell.

"Babe, please," He says and tries to step towards me again. 

I jolt backwards and before he can take another step, and a wall of four boys are guarding me. 

"Way to have a brothers back, mates." Harry growls. 

"Looks like we aren't the only ones with loyalty problems, mate." Liam bits back. 

"Guys," Harry starts.

"Bugger off, Harry," Louis warns. 

"You're disgusting. Do you know how excited she was to see you!?" Zayn yells at him, making the veins in his neck pop. "She was rambling on for the whole hour car ride from the airport about how excited she was to see you and ways she could help you out of the funk you've been in, but I guess you already had a solution," Zayn finishes. 

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