It was just another regular Friday afternoon, and you were sitting at home by yourself since your parents were on a business trip for a couple of weeks, you had just stepped out of the shower when you heard you phone ringing. 

You looked at the caller I.D and saw it was your best friend, Y/B/F/N.

"Hello?" You said into the phone

"Hey, Kat, I'm bored, wanna hang out?" She said excitedly. You and her were mostly alike, both energetic and bubbly.   

Course, I'm really bored too, what are we gonna do?" You asked her with equally just as much energy.   

"I don't know, we could maybe go on a walk and figure out the rest while we are walking." She suggested.   

"Sounds good, I just have to get dressed and ready first, I just stepped out of the shower." You told her.

"You mean you're naked?" She asked, and you could just imagine her face; with her huge wide eyes.

"No you dork, I have a towel on me." You explained.

"Oh, my bad." She said.

"Yeah..." You drifted off giggling.

"Anyway, I'll be over in a about ten minutes, hurry up!" She ordered.

"Eye, aye, captain." You told her as you hung up the phone, and started getting dressed.     

You put on a pair of panties, and a bra before you went to your closet to pick out an outfit. You opened your closet and looked threw a couple article of clothing around  before finally picking out an outfit, which consisted of black skinny jeans, a blue plaid shirt and a black beanie to top it off, but you blow dried your curly brown hair first before putting the beanie on.  After having all of your clothes on you looked for shoes, you found your matching pair of blue Keds and slipped them on, and a tank like leather jacket.

Last, but not least: makeup. You didn't really wear that much makeup, you just put on some eyeliner, and mascara around your big brown eyes to make them pop more, which you loved.

Just then you heard the door bell ring and rushed to the door and opened it.   

"Hey!" You said when you saw your friend standing there in a little floral dress with black heals and a short black blazer. Even though you were both alike, when it comes to fashion, you two were completely different. You were more on the tomboy side, never wearing dresses or heals, were as she is on the girly side, always wearing dresses or heals.

"Hey!" She said and hugged you.   

"Hi!" You said back. "You look great!" You told her.

"So do you!" She complimented you back. 

"So walk?" You asked.

"Yes ma'am. She said taking your hand as you walked down the street.

You walked with your arms together as you walked on, randomly singing songs, and laughing at each other as you did so.

"We are so weird." You said as you stopped 'singing'.

"I know! If people ever saw us, they would be scared of us." She said laughing. " know what we should do at your house later?" 

"What?" You asked her curiously.  

"We should throw a party!" She said gleefully.   

"Yeah right, and why at my house?" You asked her. 

"Because your house is bigger, and plus your parents aren't home." She explained.

"I don't know, Y/B/F/N, I don't event think people would show up, but even if people did, they'd destroy the house." You told her.

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