"Come on Harry! You look fine. I'm supposed to be the one taking forever to get ready!" You yell, teasing, at your boyfriend who was upstairs still getting ready.

You have been dating Harry for almost two years after you ran into each other at a library. He was there hiding from fans that where chasing him, and you were there getting some books to read. You got to talking after the police locked the doors and only let people out, not in. At the end of the night, you exchanged numbers and kinda, sorta fell in love, and poof! Here you are.

"Coming, love!" He said as he walked down the stairs, glancing at you before taking a double take.

"Wow, you look gorgeous," He says, smiling. He walks up to you as he places his hands on your waist and takes another look at you.

You were wearing a small black dress that went a few inches below your butt. It had a few places where it sparkled and it hugged you perfectly at the hips. There was a slit that went two inches below your breasts, but it was underlying with black sheer cloth, so there was no skin showing. You paired it with red pumps and some red lipstick.

"Thanks. You're looking not so bad yourself," You smirk at him as you place a small kiss on his lips and grab your purse.

"Alright then, ready?" He asks, slinging a heavy arm around you.

"Of course," You say, smiling, as you walk out of the door and into the car.


Harry pulls up to the front of the club before walking out and tossing the valet his keys.

"M'lady," He says, opening your door. You smile and look down to cover your blush.

The second your door opens, you're blinded by all the flashing lights. You step out of the car, making sure to keep your knees pressed together as you do so. The paparazzi wouldn't hesitate to get a picture of her panties.

You feel his hand clasp around yours and you make your way to the entrance. This was apparently one of the best clubs around, according to Harry. But by the looks of it, he was right.

"Well, ready for a fun night?" He asks, looking at your reaction of the place.

"Yup, let's do this," You say as Harry tells the security guard his name and slips you through the red rope.

"Do you want drinks or dancing to come first?" Harry yells over the loud thumping music.

"Um...let's go dance! I love this song!" You yell back as he takes your hand and leads you to the dance floor.

Once he settles on a spot, he pulls you close to him as he puts his arms on the lower part of your back to push you even closer to him. He leans his head down and you could feel his breath on your face.

Enrique Iglesias' song "Finally Found You" booms through the speakers as Harry sways his hips against you. When you get fully into the song, you turn around and press your back to his chest and you sway your hips.

"I-I think we should just go get our drinks now," He says, lowly in your ear.

You nod your head as you get pulled by him once again, and led to the bar. You sit on a stool, still holding his hand as he orders drinks for both of you.

He pulls up a stool next to you as he plays with your held hands as he finishes his drink before you. At one point, he brings your hand up and places it to his lips in a kiss. You smile as you lean in to kiss him.

Once the kiss breaks, you catch him making occasional glances behind you. The few times you catch him, he plays it off by quickly glancing at something else.

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