"There is nothing to do in this house!" You yell to the empty house as you plop down on the couch.

Just as you sit down, your stupid little phone decides to go off from across the room.

You groan and you lazily shuffle across the room and read the message.

It was from Liam. You where actually really close with the boys ever since you met them at a concert a while back where Liam hit on you. Ever since then, you've been really close. But no, you didn't date Liam. He became your best friend instead. Actually, you just recently started to develop feelings for Harry, but Liam is the only one who knows. But anyway... Liam's text says:

From LI!! :) : Hey Rachelle! The boys are over and they wanted me to tell you to come over here. ;) -L xxx

Well, you would get to see Harry and they do want you over there...

You bite your cheek as you type back.

To LI!! :): Sure thing! I'm bored out of my mind anyway! :P Be there in twenty.

With the newfound excitement you had, you changed into a pair of skinny jeans with a flowery light purple top and matched some shoes to the outfit. You put some perfume on, fixed your black hair. You decided to put in the "half up half down" style that always looked good on you. When you were done, you looked in the mirror.

"I look good, if I do say so myself," You bragged, smiling. You grabbed your keys and purse and you were out the door.

The drive to Liam's wasn't far. Maybe five minutes? Which was really convinent sometimes to have him be so close.

When you got to Liam's, you rang the door bell and you heard a huge crash and then running. Liam opened the door out of breath

"What was that?" You asked him stepping into his house.

"Oh well the boys got a little excited that you were here and were running to the door." He says still out of breath.

You laugh. "Oh, I thought someone got hurt or something."

"Well, the boys are in the living room," He says as you guy walk inside.

You walk in and you see Louis putting his hands up cheering.

"RACHELLE!" Louis yells, causing Harry to jump a little. "You're here. Finally! You've come to put us out of our misery!" He says, purposely.

"Hey Louis!" You lean over and give him a hug. "Bored, yeah?" You ask, already knowing the answer.

"You have noooooo idea," He says with all seriousness.

You just laugh at him as Zayn comes up to hug you. "Hey, Rachelle."

"Hey, Z," You respond with a smile.

Niall was the next one you spotted, but he was looking around the room rather frantically.

"Niall! What's up with you?" You laugh as you take in his panicked state.

"Sup, babe." He says giving you a quick peck on the cheek before walking passed you and into the kitchen. "Uh, quick question..." He says, peeking his head out of the kitchen. "did you happen to bring any food with you?" He asks with hopeful eyes.

You laugh for a minute before replying. "No, babe. Sorry I didn't." And just like that, he's back into the kitchen, rummaging through the cabinets.

"Damn," He curses softly. "Liam has like no food in his house!" He yells from the other room.

"What?!" Liam exclaims from behind you. "Mate, you just devoured like two bags of chips by yourself." Liam laughs.

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