"Niall?" You called out for your boyfriend in the house you shared.

"Yeah, babe?" He said walking in the living room.

"Do you know where my pink TOMS are?" You asked him as you ran a hand through your light brown hair.

"Uh yeah, you wore them the other day when you came to that concert with me, remember?" He asked.

"Oh yeah!" You recalled. "I took them off..." You drifted off thinking. "In the kitchen!" You exclaimed as you walked to the kitchen and found them.

"Okay how does this look?" You said to Niall as he walked into the kitchen.

You stood up, and spread your arms, modeling the denim jeans, pink t-shirt, and small black leather jacket.

"Beautiful, as usual. So where are you going anyway?" He asked.

"Oh, Zayn actually invited me to go get some coffee with him." You told him as you slipped your shoes on.

"Again? You know I really don't like that you guys have been hanging out so much. That's like the third time this week, and its Thursday, and the only reason that you guys didn't hang out on Tuesday was because of the concert we had that day." Niall said with a scowl on his face.

"Oh come on now, Niall, that's ridiculous. Zayn and I are just friends. You don't need to be jealous. I can promise you, I only have eyes for this certain blond haired, blue eyed Irish boy who just so happens to be in the same room as me right now." You told him as you slowly walked up to him, and wrapped your arms around his neck as you tousled his hair.

"I'm just saying, it annoys me that you hang out with Zayn more than your actual boyfriend." He says shrugging his shoulders.

You took your arms off from around his neck, and looked at him, dumbfoundedly, with your eyebrows furrowed.

"Wait, so you're just going to ignore what I just said?" You asked him.

"I'm just saying what if I was hanging out with one of your friends more than I was hanging out with you? Wouldn't you be mad?" He responded.

"Not if I trusted them. Plus I trust you, so I would know nothing would happen. Do you not trust Zayn?" I asked him crossing my arms.

"Oh no, Zayn I trust." He said.

I stood there starring at him. I blinked a couple times before answering.

"Ohh so its me you don't trust?" You asked him.

"You said it not me." He said shrugging his shoulders.

"Yes, but you implied it." You said.and he just stayed silent.

"Wow. Okay then. I thought we trusted eachother, Niall, but I guess I was wrong." I said taking a deep breathe. "I mean, I've never given you a reason not to trust me, but whatever. You can sit here not trusting your girlfriend of two years while I go out with my friend Zayn." You said with sass as you backed out of the kitchen, and walked to the small table that had your phone on it.

You made your way out to Zayn's car, which was already out front.

"Hey!" You said getting in his car.

"Hey, what's up? You seem kinda sad." Zayn asked leaning over and hugging you.

"Yeah well, Niall has been acting really weird latly. Like when I told him I was hanging out with you, je got all mad because apparently, we spend too much time together." I told him.

"Oh...well, did you explain to him that we're just friends?" He asked starting drive.

"Yes! Then we started talking about trust, and when I asked him, if he trusted you, and he said he does trust you." I further explained.

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