"Louis! Babe!" You call your boyfriend while putting on your jacket.

"Yeah?" He responds coming in the living room, eatting something.

"I'm going to go visit my mom. Then I'm going to the grocery store. Do you need anything?" You ask him, grabbing your keys off the table.

"Um, no I think I'm good. Tell your mum I say hi." He says putting the bowl of whatever he was eating on the table. He walks towards you and putts his hands on your hips bringing you closer to him.

"I will. Bye," You say, stretching up on your tip-toes for a kiss.

"Bye." He smiles, putting his head down to meet your lips.

You get into your car and start driving to your mom's house. It wasn't that much of a long drive, only about twenty minutes away.

You turned on the radio to keep you occupied. You were scrolling through the sations until something the radio host said caught your attention.

"Louis Tomlinson of One Direction was seen with 2 other girls yesterday walking through London. The trio seemed very comfortable with eachother holding hands and hugging. Is this sass master cheating on his now 2 year girlfriend Y/N? Tell us what you think at *random website*."

As the a song starts playing, you start laughing.

Yesterday Louis was out with his two sisters. Its unbelievable how desperate people are to spread rumors. I'm surprised that the Directioners haven't noticed that they were his sisters yet.

Oh well.

You stop at a radio station and start singing along to "Die Young" by Ke$ha.

A short while later, you pulled up to your mom's house.

After locking the car you walk to the door and unlock it with your key.

"Mom? You here?" You call out.

"In here, hun." You hear her call from the kitchen

You walk to the kitchen to see her baking cookies. She always loved to cook, bake, grill, or anything else to do with food and that's why the boys, especially Niall, loved her so much. She on the other hand, bonded with Zayn in some weird mother-son way.

"Woah! What's with all of the cookies?" You ask, giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Well I don't know. I just got bored and I had all of the ingridients so I decided to bake cookies," she says, putting another batch of cookies in the oven.

You spent the next hour helping your mom bake cookies and after, you sat down and talked.

"So, how are you liking London?" You asked her. You grew up in America and then you eventually came to visit London one year on a family vacation.

You loved it so much you came about twice a year. The third time you visited England, you met Louis and you've been together since. You moved out here after dating him for a year and a half, but your mom just moved recently.

So you have an American accent, which Louis makes fun of all the time.

"Well, it's beautiful, but I'm still getting used to this pounds, pence, and shilling buisness," She says.

"Yeah, it took me a while too," You say, laughing.

"So what's new with you and Louis?"

Your mom was your bestfriend. You could tell her anything. In fact you do tell her everything and anything that happens to you and vise versa.

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