"I was fucking Danielle," He says, mumbling from how drunk he was.

I let out a gasp, followed by gasps from Louis and Y/B/F/N.

"What?" I ask, whispering, with tears forming in my eyes.

"Well you said to go with my 'other people' so I did," he says, tripping onto the couch.

"No...no...you're lying." You laugh. And you keep laughing, waiting for him to join. But he never does. He just keeps starring blankly at you. "Liam? Baby? You're kidding right?" You ask, desperately sitting next to him and putting your hands on his thigh.

C'mon...it's Liam Payne we're talking about here. He wouldn't cheat. Yeah he had to be kidding.

"NO! I'M NOT! You said to leave so I did. If I do say so myself...it was epic ," He says, slurring his words.

You could practically head your heart shatter into pieces.

You sit there for a couple of seconds before getting up and walking to the opposite end of the room, staring at him.

"Liam, mate, you can't be serious? I mean this is Y/N. You know, the love of your life?" Louis says as shocked as you are.

"Nope, its allll tlue. I wuz fucking Dan-Dan-Danielle. It's late. It's bed time. I need to go to bed! Its sleepy time! Mum is going to be so mad!"

He keeps numbing nonsense as he attempts to get up. Instead he falls face first on the floor.

You just stood there, gathering your emotions. You didn't know whether you were completely furious or sad. Nope...it was both.

As Louis helps Liam off the floor you walk up to them, yank Louis off of Liam and push Liam back down. Only, this time, he hands on the couch.

"HOW COULD YOU?! After 2 1/2 years of dating you go and cheat on me?" You say, starting to cry. "You're an ass, Liam! I give you my all and you throw it away just like that! Thank you for showing me who you really are and not letting me waste anymore of my time on you! I never want to see you again!" You take a cup of water that was sitting on the table beside the couch and pour it on him. "Sober up...I want you to remember this."

He sits there for a minute before wiping the water off of his face. His ice brown eyes go down as he wipes his face and when he looks back up, the soft brown ones are there.

"Baby...no," He says in a soft voice.

You scoff. "Save it," You say, storming out of the room.

"Baby...come back please!" He yells after you, but it's too late.

You were already out the door in tears.

You turn around and see him chasing after you and you start to run away faster and faster, not wanting to talk to that ass ever again.

You keep running and running away from him calling your name and trying to catch up to you. Normally, he would of caught you by now, but alcohol dehydrates so it gave you am advantage.

After running for a while, you loom back one final time and see that you finally lost him.

Just as you turn around, you run into a sturdy body.

"Oh. I'm sorry I didn't see there- oh its you," You say, looking into those big green eyes.

"Y/N? Whats happened? Why are you running around the streets alone at night?" He asks, examining your face. "Why- why are you crying, love?" He asks, putting his hands on your shoulders in order to get a good look at you.

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