"Okay, I'm here what's the emergency?" Perrie says as she walks into you and Louis' bedroom that was only occupied by you at the moment.

"Louis told me last week that he was taking me somewhere special today for our two year anniversary and I don't know what to wear?!" You exclaimed as you dropped another shirt on the floor as you ran a hand through your long black hair.

"Okay, calm down, Mykaella. I can fix this." Perrie says as she walks into your closet, and returns with a dress in her hands, but walks straight past you, and plops it down on the bed, and goes back into your closet and returns with a pair of black heels, and once again throws it on the bed as she goes to your dresser, and pulls out a pair of diamond earrings. "Didn't Louis get you these for your one year anniversary?" She asked flashing you the earrings.

"Yeah?" You questioned.

"Perfect," She said plopping them down with the shoes and earring before turning to you, and clapping her hands once together. " Now, have you showered?"

"Yeah, this morning." You told her simply.

"Perfect. Let's get to your hair, and makeup." She says happy as she leads you to the bathroom where she slightly curls your long black hair, and puts it half up, half down. She then proceeded to put some mascara, and peach colored lip stick on you. Before ordering you to get dressed.

You did so, and then looked at yourself in the mirror. You gasped as Perrie let out a squeal.

"You look gorgeous, babe!" She exclaimed as you examined yourself.

She picked out a floor length, light pink dress with rhinestones and gems along the heart neck line, and under your breast area. With the dress, the earrings, the black pumps, and the way she did your hair and makeup, you could barely recognize yourself, but Perrie did an amazing job.

You turned around, and gave her a hug.

"Thank you, Per, I don't know what I would have done without you." You told her as she hugged you back.

"Anytime babe, Louis' jaw is literally going to go through the floor when he sees you." She jokes as you both laughed.

"Speaking of the bloke, what time did he say he was picking you up?" She asked.

"Oh um he said once he and the lads finished recording, so at 7:00." You told her. "What time is it now?"

"Erm..." She paused while she checked her phone. "6:55." She told you as you nodded once.

"Okay, wait, I need my bag." You exclaimed looking around the room.

"Already have it here," She told you smiling as she handed you a black clutch purse, already filled with your essentials.

"God, you're my life saver." You let out a breath as you took it from her.

"Don't you forget it." She said sternly before breaking into a smile, making you do the same thing seconds later. "Okay then, let's go downstairs." She said walking out of the room as you followed her.

After a couple of minutes of sitting in the kitchen, talking to Perrie, the door opened and Louis voice echoed through the house.

"Babe, I'm home!"

"Well, here we go!" Perrie squealed as you smiled and shook your head as you walked into the living room to greet Louis, with Perrie close behind you.

"Hey Lou," You greeted him with a kiss.

"Hi love, you look beautiful," He said making you blush as you looked at the floor, before he continued. "...but why are you so dressed up?" He asked scowling.

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