"Bye, Dani, I'll see you tomorrow!" You said as you got of Danielle's car with a bunch of shopping bags in your hand.

"Yep," She said with a smile. "Seven thirty, don't forget." She said pointing a finger towards you.

"I won't, Zayn and I will be there." You called as you made you way to your front door, as she drove away. 

You just spent the day shopping with Danielle as a way for you to get to know each other better, since you and Zayn had just started dating, and you didn't really know anyone that much. 

She had just invited you and over to her and Liam's flat tomorrow for a barbecue, and you agreed to go. 

You walked into your flat and dropped the bags as your phone beeped indicating you had a text. 

You pulled out your phone, and saw it had been from Zayn. 

From Zayn: Hey boo, I'm thinking of taking you out tonight, are you free? You read as you typed back. 

To Zayn: Hi :) And yeah I think I'm free, where are we going?

From Zayn: Great, well I thought it would be fun to go to the park.

To Zayn: I'm in. :) 

From Zayn: Great, I'll pick you up at four.

After that text, you put the phone down and walked upstairs to get ready, since it was already 3:00. You went through you closet and finally settled on a mid-sleeved magenta top with black skinny, and slightly ripped jeans you matched them with small flower earring and sunglasses, since it would still be sunny out, but for now, you just placed them on top of your head. 

After putting on a pair of lace up trainer shoes, you were good to go for a day in the park with Zayn. You walked downstairs and as if on cue, the doorbell rang.    

"Hey." You said joyfully as you opened the door to reveal Zayn in jeans and a graphic t-shirt. 

"Hey, babe." He said and hugged you.    

Once you pulled back from each others arms you smiled at each other.

"You look great." He said examining your outfit.

"Thank you." You said, looking at the ground and blushing.

"Okay, well let's go, yeah?" He said.

"Yeah." You confirmed a she took you hand and lead you to his car. You got in and a second later, Zayn was in too. He started the car and drove out of the drive way.  


The park wasn't very far from your house so you would always get there in five minutes tops. 

"Well are you ready for a fun day in the park?" He asked you.

"Of course," You replied with a big smile.

"Great, let's go." He said and you opened the doors, and stepped out of the car. 

He ran around next to you, and linked hands with you once again. 

You and Zayn walked into the park and sat by a large pond, talking and laughing, making jokes, and trying to avoid the paparazzi, who were doing a lazy job at hiding.

You were currently playing a game where who ever could spot the most paparazzi would win it was currently 7-4 and Zayn was winning.

"Oh, there's one!" You said pointing to a photographer who was pretending to read a newspaper, but you could clearly see him snap pictures with his other hand. "And there's another one." You told him pointing to a women who was hiding behind a bush.

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