"Wake up!" You heard  a screeching voice yell.

"No!" You groaned back, without knowing, or caring, who it was. 

"Come on, love, its already past noon and we're going to the carnival today, remember?" Another voice spoke.

This time, you actually bothered to peak open your eyes to see who it was. 

Once you saw, you sat up and greeted them properly.

"Lou!" You exclaimed as you gave him a hug.

"Good to see you too, Lauren" He smiled.

"And your actual boyfriend!" A voice said next to you.

"Haz!" You repied as you gave him a kiss instead of a hug.

"Hey, babe." He smirked once the kiss broke.

"Is she ready yet?" A new voice interuppted as you turned to the doorway to see Niall. "Guess not." He said, laughing, once he saw you in your bed.

"Hi Niall." You welcomed. 

"Hey Lauren!" He smiled back as he crossed his arms and leaned on the door frame. "Now get your arse up and get ready!" He ordered.

"Alright, alright, I'm getting up." You surrendered as you climbed out of bed and walked to the bathroom, where you took a quick shower.


Once you came out, you wrapped yourself in your robe and stood infront of the mirror. You wiped some of the steam from the hot water off of it before you looked at your reflection and got to work.

You started off by brusing your teeth, moved on to applying your make-up, then advanced to blow drying and leaving your brown hair down.

Once all of that was done, you opened the bathroom door slightly and peeked around to make sure nobody was there.

"Harry?" You called out.

"Yeah, babe?" His voice answered showing he was still in the room.

"Oh so you are in here...well I need you to get out so I can change please." You asked.

"Its just me in here, love. Its not like its something I haven't seen before." He cheekily commented back.

"Oh boy...fine!" 

You walked out of the bathroom and to your drawers where you put on your underwear under your robe then grabbed a matching bra and advanced to the closet to pick out an outfit.


Harry eventually left and you eventually dressed in a pair of dark blue jeans, a black camie with a tank top that says 'Love' on it, some converse, and a pair or black rose earrings to top it all off.

"Done!" You annouced as you walked into your living room to find all of the guys sitting there, throwing pillows at eachother.

"You look great, Lauren." Harry complimented as he stood up from the couch and pecked your cheek, and took your hand in his.

"Yeah you do, Lo." Louis winked and Harry's grip on your hand tightened for a few seconds then relaxed.

You looked at him, confused, but he just stayed looking at the ground as if nothing happened. 

"Thanks, Louis." You smiled at him, and once you grabbed your phone, you were good to go, and out the door.

You all climbed in the car and you sat between Harry and Louis. 

As Liam started driving, he started talking to Niall, who was in the passanger seat. Zayn just popped some ear phones in and listened to music on his phone. Harry, though, was being odly quiet: he had his jaw cleanced, his hand to his mouth, and his eyebrows metting in a frown as he starred out the window, deep in thought.

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