"Stupid job, stupid trainees, stupid economy," You blamed everything you could think of as you got into your car. It's been a really exhausting day.

First, your alarm didn't go off this morning, making you late for work. Then, the guy at Dunkin messed up your order. Your boss was extra mean today, yelling at you for an continuous ten minutes about being late.

Jeez, woman. It's my first time being late, chill.

Then you got stuck training a new worker, and let's just say he wasn't a fast learner, nor was he the kindest person. To top it all off, he tripped and dropped the tray he was carrying all over you, at least the coffee the tray carried was iced coffee. He claimed it was an accident, but the smirk he threw you said otherwise.

Dumb teenager. Has no manners.

As if that wasn't enough, you were forced to work a double shift and close up the restaurant after. Oh yeah, and to top it all off, you were on your period.

You were exhausted, to say the least, and you couldn't wait to just get home and see Zayn. He always had a way of cheering you up.

A smile crept its way onto your face as your pulled in to your driveway. You get out of the car and walk to the front door, suddenly in a good mood.

"Zayn, I'm home!" You yell to a silent house as you close the door behind you. "Zayn?" You call again, slipping your coat off and placing it on the couch.

A thump sounds from upstairs and you hear the shower running. You turn on the stairs light as you make your way to your bedroom.

"Hello?" You call out again, grabbing a one of Zayn's golf clubs from the hall.

That boy doesn't know how to clean up after himself...jeez, Y/N, your starting to sound like a mom, chill.

Creeping your way to your bedroom, you put the golf club in the air, ready to swing in case there's an intruder in the house.

You're over exaggerating, Y/N. It's probably just Zayn. That little annoying voice in your head didn't know when to shut up.

You reach the bedroom door and take a deep breath before pushing the door forcefully.

"The police are on their way, shit face!" You yell as you pull back the club ready to swing at someone.

"What?! Why'd you call the police?! We can talk about this!" Zayn yells back at you as you stop.

You put the golf club down as you let out a sigh of relief. "Thank God...it's just you," You laugh, placing a hand over your racing heart.

A frown makes its way onto Zayn's face. "Of course, it's just me. Who'd you think it was?"

"A robber," You laugh once more, making your way to your side of the bed. You throw your ugly work uniform off and put it in the hamper and make your way to one of Zayn's drawers as you looked through his t-shirts.

You never slept in actual pajamas, just sweat pants and one of his amazing smelling shirts. You feel his gaze on your back, probably checking you out. You smiled at the thought, it never gets old.

"I've had the absolute worst day ever," You say, starting to tell him about the horrid day. You pull the t-shirt over your head as you turn around, finding him sitting down at the bed. "I had to train this idiot kid. He was the epitome of a jerk." You quickly find a pair of sweatpants as you turn around and find Zayn in the same spot, not moving. "What's wrong, baby?" You say as your frown.

You make your way to the spot where he was sitting as you put your hair in a neat bun. You stand between his legs and put your hands on his shoulders. You feel him shaking under your touch as silent sobs leave his mouth.

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