Hey loves!

Sorry I haven't been on in a while! I've neglected my writing side terribly.

I just had this horrible couple of months in my life where I just wanted to delete all of my stories and imagines because I didn't know where I was going.

Luckily, I decided not to and I'm all good now!

I'm going to be writing a new version of Lost, and it's going to be renamed and everything,but One Way Love will stay the same. As for my imagines, I'm still going to continue writing them, but I want to go back and revise a few of the first ones I wrote.

I've grown as a writer and I feel like you guys, as well as myself, will see how much I've grown over the past couple years.

So for my imagines, I've lost track of all my imagine requests so unless you are:


I haven't gotten your request and the best option for you to get your request to me would be by inboxing me. :)

Love you all!

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