You walked into the Liam's house, which you just started living with him in, with your hands full of grocery bags.

You walked to the kitchen and set the bags down as you saw a note on the fridge.

I had to go help the lads with a few things, but I decided that we would have a date night, but we'll be going out this time. El will be there soon to help you on what to wear, I'll pick you up at 7:00, babe.  
Love you, Liam.

You put all the groceries away as you waited for Eleanor to come over for the date Liam was taking you on tonight.

It would be fun to go out with Liam; usually we stay in and have movie nights or house guests come over, you never really get to go out that much, so yeah, you were pretty excited.

Interrupting your thoughts was the doorbell, who was Eleanor.

"Hey El," You greeted her.

"Hey love, how've you been?" She asked, giving you a hug.

"Great actually, so Liam tells me your here to help me pick out an outfit for this 'date' he's taking me out on? You question her.

"Yes I am, let's get to it! What time.are you leaving?" She asks as she walks up to the master bedroom, with you trailing behind her.

"Apparently seven," You inform her as she rummages through your walk in closet, and you just sit on the bed.

"Perfect, we have enough time then." She jumped excitedly.

"Okay, so as much as I love having you here, why did Liam send you?" You ask, confused, but soon realized how rude it sounded. "I mean, I can dress myself, but it good that your here to help, but why today? I've managed to get dressed in these situations before, but now Liam says you're going to help me, and I'm just curious as to-" You babble nervously as Eleanor cuts you off.

"It's okay, Caitlyn," She giggles. "I know what you mean, and to answer your question, I don't know why Li sent me, I'm just as confused as you are. His instructions were to simply come help you find an outfit for tonight." She explained, walking out of the closet so that I could actually see her.

"Oh...wait, if he asked you to come help me dress for it then that must mean you know where he's taking me!" You accused her.

"I know nothing of no such topic." She shrugged off as she walked back in the closet.

"Come on, El, I know you know. I cant stand surprises, the curiosity kills me. I have to know!" You exaggerated as you pulled on her arm like a child.

"Sorry, babe, I promised Liam I wouldn't, and you know how I am with promises." You sternly told you.

When it came to promises, Eleanor would never break one. In the years I've known her, she's only broken one promise, and she never forgave herself for it. So I was defiantly barking up the wrong tree here.

"Fine, can you at least show me what you picked for me to wear?" You asked her.

"Of course!" She exclaimed as she presented a dress. It was a long sleeved blue dress with a thin blue belt in the stomach. 

"I forgot I even had this dress." You told, mainly yourself, as you took the thin blue material in your hands. "Well if you think this dress is a good choice for tonight, I'll take your word for it." You told her smiling.

"Great!" She said happily, flashing her famous smile. "Now, let's get started on your hair and makeup." She told you as she took you to the bathroom, that was linked with the bedroom, and plopped you down on the toilet, which of course had it's lid down.

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