"Come on, Louis. Pleeeeeease tell me?" You asked one of your best friends, Louis Tomlinson.

You were actually really good friends with all of the One Direction boys, but only one hand your heart; Zayn Malik.

All of you kind of just clicked from the beginning and got along really well, especially Zayn. He hand something special about him, you couldn't quite out your finger on it. You've been dating for almost two years now, making it the longest and happiest relationship you've been in.

Then there was today. Today was your birthday, and everyone refused to tell you what they had planned. You hated surprises...how were you supposed to know how to dress if you had no idea where he was taking you?

"Nope. No can do, love. I promised all of the boys. You can't blame me though. I mean, come on...you only turn twenty once. Don't you want it to be a surprise for once? It makes it more..." He stops, unlocking the door to his flat. "spontaneous." He winks as you just push him into the flat, laughing a little.

We had just come back from getting Starbucks.

"Well, how about you tell me where he's taking me, I dress properly, and then act surprised," I told him, desperately.

"Nope. Sorry, babe. Good try though," He laughs, walking into the kitchen. "Just two more hours, and you'll find out," He yells to you as you plop down the the couch.

"Ugh, fine! Can you give me a hint so I a somewhat idea on what to wear!?" You yell back.

"You're not wearing what he gave you?" He asked, walking in with a sandwich in his hands and a frown on his face.

"What are you talking about? He didn't give me anything?" It's your turn to frown as you turn to him.

His eyes go wide. "Shit," He mumbles, handing you his sandwich and running off.

You stare at the yummy looking sandwich in your hand for a minute before taking a bite out of it.

A couple seconds later, Louis returns holding a bag with clothes in it.

"He dropped this off earlier," Louis says. "I completely forgot about it." He laughs.

"Lou, you jerk! Here I was panicking about what to wear and you've had an outfit the whole time," You pout, taking the bag from him.

Inside was a rather cute outfit; It was dark skinny jeans with brown leather boots and a pink blouse and a really cute scarf and accessories to match. For a guy he had some great fashion taste.

"Sorry, babe. I forgot." He shrugs, sitting on the couch. He takes a sip of his drink before taking out his phone and logging into Twitter.

This morning was rather hectic. As soon as you woke up, Zayn ordered to go shower than kicked you out right after. Saying he had to "prepare for a special evening."

You get off the couch to go upstairs and change, but not before slapping Louis on the back of the head.

Since you took a shower this morning, you just changed your clothes and adjusted your black hair. You checked your teeth to see if you had anything stuck in there. "Nothing but my braces," You mumble to yourself.

Zayn found them really cute and said they brought out your smile and dimples; you thought they were just annoying, but oh well. You check yourself in the mirror again before heading back downstairs.

"Well? Whatta ya think?" You ask Louis, posing.

"Wow, you look incredible, babe. Zayn's a lucky guy," He said, teasing.

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