"Sorry mate. Katie and I are staying in." Liam said on the phone with one of the other member of One Direction, you weren't sure which one yet. "Harry, there will be other days for that, I really want to spend this night with my girlfriend." He said. Oh so it was Harry. "Yeah, we can just go tomorrow. Wait, why?" He asked Harry. He chucked at whatever his answer was and replied. "Okay, I'll ask her, okay. See you tomorrow, mate." He finished as he hung up.

You and Liam were just sitting in the hotel room that you were in since the boys were on tour, and you've managed to come along for a while, but sadly not he whole tour, since you after all did have a life of your own to get back to.

"What was that about?" You asked him referring to the phone call.

"That was Harry, he wanted to see if I could go clubbing with him and the boys, but I told him I was staying in with you." He explained.

"Oh well, Liam, don't let me stop you, go have fun with the guys!" You nudged him.

"No, it's okay, we arranged to go tomorrow, all of us, and Harry wants you to come really bad so you could be his 'wing woman'." He said quoting the words and chuckling. "He wanted me to ask you if you could come." He continued.

You laughed at Harry, and answered Liam. "Sure, I'll go, I think it'll be fun, plus I can help Harry pick a decent girl this time, unlike the other time." You said shuddering at the mess of a girl he brought home a while ago. Not that Harry is some sort of player that hooks up with a different girl every night, but hey, since he's in the biggest band on the planet, touring for most of the year so he doesn't really get that much time to be around girls, and he needs to get with a girl every once in a while. Plus he's a nineteen year old guy, and they need a hookup every once in a while, and Harry's just not ready to settle down just yet.

"Oh yeah, that was awful. She just wouldn't leave, she was a mess." Liam said remembering.

"Yeah..." You drifted off. "Anyway, since we aren't going out tonight, what do you want to do?" You asked him.

"We can watch a movie?" He asked. "Oh, let's watch Toy Story!" Liam exclaimed jumping down on the couch, making your cushion jump slightly because of the impact.

"No, Liam, we've watched that movie a million times, what about..." You drifted off getting up and looking at Liam's collection of movies.

"Oh, what about The Notebook?" You asked. "It's been so long since I've watched that movie, I forgot how it ended." You asked Liam.

"Sure babe, anything you like." Liam said kindly.

"Well aren't you a gentleman?" You asked popping in the movie as Liam left for a couple minutes, and returned with a bowl of popcorn.

He sat down next you, and you snuggled up against him as the movie began.


You had watched a good majority of the movie, when it came up to the part of the sex scene.

You and Liam hand became kind of uncomfortable as he talked.

"He's totally doing it wrong, that's not how you make love to a girl." Liam said throwing popcorn at the tv.

"You think you can do it better?" You asked looking up at him.

"Better than that? Defiantly." He said cockily.

"Well then..." You whispered in his ear as you stood up.

You stood in front of him, and extended you arms out while he looked at you curious to what you were doing.

You seductively, and slowly started taking your shirt off as you threw it across the room, before turning back to Liam, who had lust heavy in his brown eyes.

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