"If you're not going to be on time, then don't bother showing up!" Your boss yelled at you in the middle of the Hollister store where you worked.

"I'm only literally three minutes late! It's not even that big of deal!" You yelled back.

"You know what, Karen? I'm sick of you and your attitude. You're fired! Get out!" His voice boomed.

You were taken back by this. Fired? You've worked at this store for months! It helped you pay rent! What are you supposed to do now?

You started to tear up at the thought of where you might up. "Fine! This job was dumb as hell anyway!" You retorted as you grabbed your purse off of the counter, and walked out, receiving glares from people. But you ignored them as you kept walking.

You reached your car, and ran a hand through your straight brown hair as you let out a sigh and started to drive home. What a douche. Who fires someone for being three minutes late to work? Most bosses would consider that early!

You reached your house, and slammed the door as you plopped down on the couch, and let out a sigh. Well...that means you have to go job hunting soon.

This day couldn't get any worse.

You felt a vibrating noise from your back pocket, you took your phone out and saw that it was a text from Niall.

You smiled at the sight of his name. You and Niall have been dating for about a year and a half now, and he's been the perfect gentlemen. He always found a way of making you happy, even when he wasn't trying.

You had the biggest smile on your face as you read the text.

From: Nialler
Hey, princess. What time does your shift end today? I have a surprise for you. Xxx

The smile on your face dropped as you remembered you had just gotten fired as you typed a text back.

To: Nialler
Actually...I got fired. It was stupid, don't worry about it. What's the surprise? :)

The second you put the phone down, you just received another one. You typed back as the conversation continued.

From: Nialler
What?! Why?! :/

To: Nialler
That not what I meant by not worrying about it, Ni. But it was dumb, I was just a couple minutes late. :/

From: Nialler
A couple minutes...?

To: Nialler
Yep. Three minutes to be exact. But it doesn't matter, that guy was an ass anyway.

From: Nialler
Oh, I'm sorry, Karen. You didn't deserve that. :( Wait, what guy?

To: Nialler
Its okay, Niall. It wasn't you fault. ;) And, my boss, dummy. :) Lol, wait! Stop changing the subject. What's this "surprise"?

From: Nialler
Oh... and that's why they call it a surprise. ;) If your not at work, you'll just get your surprise early. ;) Be right over.

You were about to object to Niall coming over, because you didn't want him to see you like this. You looked rundown, and your eyes were a little red from earlier. You were about to text him not to, but then you realized he was probably already driving. After all, "don't text and drive".

You walked to the bathroom, and washed your face, and reapplied your light makeup consisting of mascara and eyeliner around your brown eyes, and a light shade of pink lip gloss. You never wore foundation, because you didn't really need it. Your skin was clear, and perfect so there was really no need for it.

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