"And...done!" You exclaimed to yourself as you finished wrapping the present you got for Harry since it was your one year anniversary today.

You had gotten him two tickets for the Green Bay Packers football game. You found out what tour date One Direction would be in Wisconsin, and thankfully the Packers had a game going on the next day, so Harry would be able to go.

The boy isn't even American, though he loves the team enough to get a tattoo of their logo on his arm, and wear the famous Aaron Rodgers cheese head, how he got so obsessed with them is still a mystery to me. Yes I know he has a friend that loves the team and that was were getting the tattoo came from in the first place, but it's insane how much he's fallen in love with that team.

You finished putting the tickets in a small box, and you wrapped it up and walked upstairs so you could hide the present.

You walked into your shared bedroom, and hid them in the drawer near your side of the bed, just as you finished, you heard the front door open, and Harry call from downstairs.

You walked downstairs and saw Harry, hiding something behind his back.

"Hey babe," You greeted him.

"Hi, love." He responded with a smile as he pecked your lips.

"How was the meet and greet?" You asked him.

"Erm...great actually, the fans were really nice." He said uneasy.

"That's good." You said with a smile. "So... what are ya hiding there?" You asked him as he swung his arms around, revealing a bouquet of beautiful roses.

"For you, happy one year babe," He told you.

"Oh my God, Harry, they're beautiful!" You exclaimed as you took the flowers from him, careful not to get any thorns on you, as you smelt them. You gave him a hug, and another kiss as you walked to the kitchen to find a vase for them, as Harry trailed behind you.

"That's not all; I have a special evening planned out for the two of us." He informed you.

"Well that's very sweet of you, and I'm sure I'm going to love whatever you have planned." You told him as you found a vase, and filled it with water as you placed the flowers in before turning to Harry. "Is there a time I need to be ready by?" You asked as you leaned on the counter.

"Erm...yeah...eight," He told you, and you looked at the time seeing that it was 7:04.

"Well, I guess I should get ready then." You said as you walked up the stairs.

"Yeah, me too," He agreed as you both entered the room, Harry showered this morning so it was just you.

You hoped in the shower, as you turned on the water, and scrubbed your hair with your wonderful smelling shampoo, and then proceeding to scrub the dirt of your body as you shaved what needed to be shaved, and stepped out, wrapping yourself in a towel.

Harry wasn't in the room anymore, so he was probably waiting downstairs. You put on undergarments as you looked through your closet for something to wear tonight.

After twenty minutes, you were dressed in a mid-thigh dress that looked like it was a sparkly pencil skirt, with a baggy white, no sleeved top. You matched it off with a pair of black pumps, which made your 5'3" frame almost up to Harry's 6'2" one. You also added a pair of thin silver hoop earrings, and a small back handbag, which you put Harry's gift in.

You blow dried your short blond hair, and curled it, and when that was done, you applied a bit of mascara and eye liner around your blue eyes, and ta-da, all done.

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