"I mean, I could do whatever style you want. Your dress has a heart-shaped neckline, though, so I say if you had it down, it would be better," Johannah says as she plays with my dirty blonde hair while I stare at my reflection in the mirror.

"No, but I think if she put it in an up-do, it would bring out her face more," Lottie argued.

"Ugh, this is too hard!" I groan, covering my face with my hands. "Why couldn't I just be like all of those other girls who have had every detail of their wedding planned out since they were six?!" I whined.

"Because, Amber, you're a "live-in-the-moment"  kind of girl, and that's one of the things that Lou loves about you," Sophia says, throwing me a wink.

I manage to smile at the mention of Louis and a small blush even creeps its way onto my face.

"Yeah, but that still doesn't help my dilemma!" I say, coming back to the small crisis I was having over not knowing what to do with my hair.

"Why don't you just put it to the side, like this," Sophia says, sweeping all of my blonde hair onto my right shoulder. "Then, pin all of this to the side," She continues, motioning to all the hair on the left side of my head.

"Sophia, you're brilliant!" I exclaim, falling in love with the hair style already.

"I try, I try," She says, brushing off her shoulders.

"J, do you think you can do it?" I ask Louis' mom.

"Of course, love! It's no problem. Let's get started!" She rubs her hands together before starting on my hair as Sophia and Lottie work together on my make up.

"Guys, I know it's my wedding day and all, but, still, don't cake-face me. I want a somewhat natural look," I tell the girls.

"Don't worry, babe!" Lottie says.

"Yeah, we got this," Sophia adds.

"Let's hope," I quietly mumble so it's only audible to me.


Oh they had it all right. They freaking rocked it! I couldn't help but gape at myself in the mirror when I looked at the masterpiece that Johannah, Sophia, and Lottie just completed.

"Guys..." I'm at a loss for words. "Wow," I manage to say after half a minute of silence goes by.

"This is going to be amazing!" Sophia says in a sing-song voice. "I mean, how many people say they attended a beach wedding!" I swear, she transformed into a six year old for a minute. "Tell me the plan again."

"Okay, so, my flower girls are Phoebe and Daisy, who will also be carrying lil' Dory as they walk down the aisle. As for my bride's maids, I have Lottie, Fizzy, and you. Louis has his boys as his groom's men, with the exception of Zayn who is going to be walking me down the aisle. Marc is going to be the ring bearer; plus, he is going to be carrying Ernie with him," I finish off, explaining the plan that has been engraved into my brain.

"Gotcha." Sophia nods. "It sucks that your family couldn't be here." She pouts.

"I know," I frown. "But they're all the way across the world and it would have cost way too much for them to fly out here and they can't really do that, since they have "such busy work schedules" and it'll "cost too much money" and blah blah blah. Plus, it's a really small reception, it's not like I invited a lot of my family to begin with."

"It's all good, babe. We're going to record every second of it and send it to them. It'll be like they are right here with us."  She smiles.

"Yeah, at least there's that." I smile back at her.

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