Beep! Beep! Beep!

You sighed and turned off your alarm clock. You laid in bed and covered your face with your pillow. It was an average Monday which You groaned and got out of bed.

You went into your bathroom and did your normal morning routine: took a short shower, brushed your teeth, blow dried your hair and did your make up naturally.

You made your way out of the bathroom and to your closet. You looked through your closet before deciding on black skinny jeans, a floral high low tank top, and knee high black leather boots.

After getting dressed you grabbed your bag, which held your books, and your keys and phone, then you were out the door. You got into your red convertible and put the sun roof down, then started the car and you were on your way.

You didn't live far from the school so you were at school in less than five minutes, but you were still late. Oh well.

You parked your car in the closest parking space, and grabbed your bag then got out. You started making your way towards the campus after locking your car. Just as you started walking, you spotted a certain guy parking his car, and getting out as he recognised you, and stared walking with you.

"Hey Karebear." He said. You turned around to meet the dark eyes of Ryan. The dick that bullies you.

"Don't call me, Karebear. It's Karen." You stated. That nickname has stuck with you since you were a kid, you didn't really mind it, until HE started saying it.

"Aw c'mon, Karebear. No need to be a bitch." He said, but you continued walking, and ignored him. "That's a nice outfit. Really brings out your inner slut." He said examining you. "I mean, it would work if you weren't so ugly." He said trying to get you mad.

"Shut up, dick." You told him just as he pushed you down, your books going everywhere. You looked up at him to see him towering over you.

"What did you just call me, slut?" He spat.

Once you didn't answer, he just got more mad, and kicked you.

"I asked you a question, bitch! Answer me." He said before kicking you again.

"Stop..." You pleaded holding your side in pain. You tried looking around for people to help, but everybody was already in class, and it was just you two.

"Why should I stop? You deserve it anyway!" He said as he kicked you again. "Well see what you did now.dumb ass? You ruined my morning." He said to you as of it even was your fault. "I'll be waiting for you after school, Karebear." He said walking away, and leaving you there.

You got off the floor, and collected your things before going into the building, and going straight for the bathroom. You already missed half of first period, so there would be no point in going anyway.

Once you were in the bathroom, you fixed yourself up from the events that had just occurred earlier. You lifted up your shirt to see a bruise forming in where Ryan kicked you on your side.

There were tears starting to form in your eyes, and you ran into the nearest stall, and sobbed. This wasn't a new thing, its been going on for a while now, but you havn't really done anything about it. Don't ask why. You weren't even sure yourself.

When you had been drained of all possible tears in your body, you walked out, and looked in the mirror disgustingly. You were a mess. Maybe what Ryan said is true. You were ugly.

You washed your face, and redid your makeup to try to look like an actual human, and you took one last look in the mirror. You quickly fixed your black, and streaked red hair, before sighing.

This is the best you could get.

By the time you got cleaned up in the bathroom, first period was over, and you headed to second.

You tried to carry on with the rest of your day without anybody noticing anything was wrong, and thankfully, but sadly, nobody did.

Nothing, as usual, new happened in school today, as usual, except there was a new student in your English class. His name was Louis Tomlinson.

Just as he was introduced, many girls started fixing their clothes, or hair, or make- up just to look good for this boy, just because he was "so hot". You thought quoting one of the girls that was sitting behind you.

"Great to have you in my class, Louis." The professor stated. "You can have a seat next to Karen." He stated, and a few girl sighed and gave me dirty looks, but you brushed them off, finding the clicking of your pen more interesting.

You didn't really pay much attention to him, and carried on with your day, and all too slow, it was the end of the day. Which meant another visit from Ryan.

You tried to get to your car as fast as you could so you could avoid him today, but of corse, luck wasn't on your side.

"Hey, bitch, good to see you again." He said as he walked with you, you tried to ignore him thinking that he'll just go away, but I was wrong. Again. "Don't ignore me when I'm talking to you!" He yelled grabbing my shoulder causing me to turn around to face him.

"Hey! Leave her alone!" You heard someone say. You turned your head to see Louis.

"And who might you be?" Ryan asked annoyed.

"I'm Louis. And I may be new here, but I'm pretty sure that that's not how you're supposed to treat a lady." Louis said.

"Look, Lewis, this is none of your business. So if you could just run along." Ryan mocked him turning back to me.

"Oh, I'll leave, but right after I do this." Louis said as Ryan turned to look at him, only to be greeted my Louis fist.

Ryan fell to the ground, and held his jaw as your jaw practically hit the floor as you watched.

"Now, I'll 'run along'" Louis said air quoting Ryan. "Oh, and if I ever see you harassing her ever again, you'll have to deal with me, understood?" Louis said turning to you. "Good." He said when Ryan didn't answer. "Oh, and, F.Y.I, its Louis." He told him since Ryan mispronounced his name earlier.

Louis looked at you and looked into your eyes as he spoke. "I don't think we've properly met. I'm Louis." He said putting his hand out.

"Karen." You told him as you shook his hand smiling.

"So, uh, where's your car?" He asked you.

"Just over there." You said pointing to your car. "Why?" You asked him.

"Do you mind if I walk you there?" He asked a smile growing on his face.

"Not at all." You told him as his smile grew wider, and you started walking to your car. "And thank you." You added. "For sticking up for me." You told him.

"Oh it was no problem. I always like helping beautiful women in need." He says with a wink, making you blush. As you reached your car.

"So, thanks again, for everything." You told him smiling.

Wait, Karen, so, uh, I was just wondering..." Louis started.

"Yeah?" You said encouraging him to continue.

"If you would like to go out with me sometime?" He asked nervously.

You giggled at how nervous he was being. "I would love to. Here's my number." You told him scribbling it down on a piece of paper as you handed it to him. "Call me." You told him as you got in your car, and drove home.

You had a smile on your face the whole drive.

This was the first time in a long time, you had been genuinely happy.


Okay, I just want everyone to know, this was just a request I got. I'm not like making fun of Karen or anything.

So yeah, that was another imagine. This one was a little different than the requests I usually get, but I liked writing it. :)

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