Chap 20: Preparation for war

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Rimuru Pov

After my little play with Hinata,I teleported in a place near the capital of Tempest and flew above 'It's seems, they put an Holy barrier, they also put an anti-magic area.' Well it's useless.

I then teleported inside the meeting room 'Looks like the primordials and Benimaru are doing a good job.'

I sent a through communication to everyone for an emergancy meeting and sit on a chair.

After some time, they all arrived and sit down.

Rimuru : All here ? Then we can start the meeting.

They all nodded.

Rimuru : First Benimaru tell me the event in the city.

Benimaru : Hai ! Well 3 humans who seem to be otherworlder have come to make a commotion but stopped by Shion and Carrera, they are now in jail.

He said 'Otherworlder ? So the human are doing summoning and use them for war, it's disgusting !'

I looked at Benimaru for him to continue.

Benimaru : We also found a spy in the party of Youm, her name is Mjurran but it's seems that she was manipulated by someone so we just arrest her and she was also the one who put the anti-magic area.

Rimuru : Okay i will talk to her later, anything esle ?

Benimaru : Yes, Ultima have stopped an cavalry of 100 knights comming towards Tempest, she also captured one, who seemed to be a commander.

I nodded 'So we have now some intersting prisoners.'

It's seems Diablo have something to say, i looked at him, he then get up and started to speak.

Diablo : Rimuru-sama, it seem the main army of these lowly humans are on road toward Tempest.

Rimuru : How many ?

Diablo : I saw approximatively 20000 composed of knights, adventurer and some holy knights.

'Oh ? Is Ruminas betray me ? No it's impossible, she has a pretty good relationship with me and she know that she can't beat me.' so she has no control over her army directly, well she is a vampire who is ruling a church, pretty ironic.

Rimuru : Very well, we will deal with their main army first, any suggestion ?

They all looked at each other 'My strongest subordinate can easily destroy them alone.' but i want to test something.

Rimuru : (Ciel do you think Veldora can deal with them?)

Ciel : (Yes, he is a true dragon like master after all.)

Rimuru : (No i mean, he will not overdo it?)

Ciel : (Don't worry, he have his daughter to manage him.)

I nodded and looks at my subordinate 'They don't know about my race expect the Demons, i need to tell them someday.'

Rimuru : I know who will deal with them.

They all looked at me.

Shuna : And who might it be ?

The fighting freaks started to listen attentively 'Why do they like fighting so much ?'

Rimuru : Well, i will let my little brother fight.

All : Eh ?! Little brother ?!

Rimuru : Yes my cute little brother.

They are all shocked 'well it's normal their leader have a little brother who was never mentioned before.'

I need to talk to Veldora now.

Rimuru : For now Benimaru prepare a plan to destroy this Holy barrier, i let you a total control over our army and i will deal with the Anti-magic area. The rest be ready for the counter attack !

They composed themself and nodded 'This country will be better than i imaginated with subordinate like them.' i thought and i teleported away in my imaginary space.

Rimuru : Yo Veldora ! How are you ?

Veldora : Oh ! Nee-san i am fine and you.

Rimuru : Yes thank you, where is Velkia ?

He looked away nervously 'What did he do ? Did he and Velkia have an argument ?'

Then Velkia enter the room with some tea.

Velkia : Oh ! Aunt Rimuru you are here.

Rimuru : Yes, come here !

I hugged her 'She is not immature beside being the daughter of Veldora, so i like her as the same i love Milim.' she not seem angry.

Rimuru : What are you doing Velkia ?

Velkia : Well you see father do not clean or take care of himself so i need to do all of the work.

I glared at Veldora, who was reading a manga ignoring me 'This kid !'

Rimuru : Don't worry Velkia, i will teach him some manners later.

She nodded and make a cup of tea for me 'She is really a well-mannered girl, Velzard and Velgrind will love her.'

I sat on a couch and stared at Veldora.

Rimuru : Veldora, i have a task for you.

Veldora : Oh ? And what might it be ?

Rimuru : You have to destroy an army of 20000 humans comming to attack my country.

Veldora : Kuahahaha, don't worry i will help you ! You are my sister afer all !

I nodded and looked at Velkia

Rimuru : You too will come and watch over Veldora.

Velkia : Very well.

Rimuru : I will summon you when the time comes.

I said and they nodded 'Veldora also started to create an martial art style. Who know maybe he is a genius for that hahaha.' but if he not mature quickly, i will have to do it my myself.

I then teleported back in the meeting rrom and asked Benimaru about the plan 'So he plan to attack the 4 cardinal spots of the Holy barrier at once, the dragonewt squad of Gabiru will take the East, Carrera and Diablo will go to the south, Ultima will go to the north with Hakurou and some goblins riders and finally Benimaru will go to West alone.

Testarossa and the other will protect the town for the time being.

'It's a pretty good plan.'after that i will give them more power and forced their evolution as a reward.

With that they all gathered at the entrance of the city prepared for the coming battle.

'I will also have to talk to the prisoners after the war.'

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