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TTIGRAAS X Male Reader by runeightmiles
TTIGRAAS X Male Readerby runeightmiles
Your whole life you waited for a event to happen to you. You always thought the mediocrity Of life would fade once you died. The moment you start doubting it, Truck Kun...
Rimuru in the new timeline (On Hiatus) by UncreativeNoName
Rimuru in the new timeline (On UncreativeNoName
Rimuru tempest travels back in time, what will happen, when little stays the same
𝑭𝒓𝒐𝒛𝒆𝒏 𝑳𝒐𝒗𝒆 by Rimuru6360
𝑭𝒓𝒐𝒛𝒆𝒏 𝑳𝒐𝒗𝒆by Chaos Creator
Love, love, love, love who? "... That one person." Who is that person? Tell me who? "The one whose destiny entangled with mine to the point of existing a...
TENSURA: When void froze {Love between slime x Dragon} by VoidDragon920
TENSURA: When void froze {Love VoidDragon
What if Rimuru was reincarnated with Raphael and he fell in love with Velzard? What if she did so as well? This story takes place after Ogres came to live with Rimuru an...
A Different Start: The Slime's Love for Fire and Ice by idonotknowwhoyouare
A Different Start: The Slime's kai.wolf
What if Rimuru met the dragon sisters earlier or in a different way? Ship: Velzard × Rimuru × Velgrynd ... (I saw others wanting this ship, so I decided to try it out...
rimuru random stories  by masaaayukiiiii
rimuru random stories by mossyaki
rimuru getting dominated by girls.(this is a harem well most likely (rimuru x luminous or rimuru x velzard and velgrynd )( bad grammar, some are wrong spelling)( i hope...
Red Primordial Rimuru by H_zzzedimal
Red Primordial Rimuruby H_zzzedimal
Rimuru is back as the Red Primordial. Will he stick with the original timeline or build another nation? Takes place after the final battle with Yuuki, 10 years later. Al...
rimuru lemons (completed)  by Isekai_guru
rimuru lemons (completed) by Isekai_guru
only rimuru x girls lemon
That time I failed as an Author and got reincarnated in Tensura by elite3532
That time I failed as an Author elite3532
Elite3532, an individual who can be considered as an icon among the Tensura fandom community failed in accomplishing his dream... As he regretted his choice in life, his...
Tensura: Reborn as Velzard by hearthhoki
Tensura: Reborn as Velzardby hearthhoki
This is the first time writing a story so I don't know how will it be
Restart of GOD Tempest by asusKELVIN
Restart of GOD Tempestby Razor Tempest
It's been already 25 years since the great tenma war ended with the victory of The octagram and tempest over Ivarage the Evil dragon world destroyer with his Cryptids an...
Tensura, The Short Story, React, Short Crocssover and Oneshot  (Paused) by VoidGod0
Tensura, The Short Story, React, Void God
So It's my Second Fanfic and I Will Primarily be Short Story, React, Short Crocssover and Oneshot. And My Au Part Tensura Belongs to Fuze-Sama And Peace.
Reincarnated as Godzilla by Testarossa666
Reincarnated as Godzillaby Testarossa
Hello! English isn't my primary language, so please don't be too harsh. Enma dies and gets reincarnated in Tensura as Godzilla. Oh, by the way, Enma will be overpowered...
The Blank Primordial by Kischur
The Blank Primordialby Kischur
The Blank Primordial - The Oldest Primordial, with her being first one to be created by Veldanava, with the sole purposed of having fully control Turn Null But after hav...
Tensura Reaction,Au And What If by Ellernate
Tensura Reaction,Au And What Ifby Ellernate But You Can Call Me...
Just Thinking An Idea Where All People From Tensura Reacting To Some Things
Tensura react to Rimuru by Crest_Void
Tensura react to Rimuruby Crest_Void
All the character from tensura verse like The Octagram,The Primodial Demons/Angles,The 12 patrons,Veldanava and Lucia.
The Reincarnated Prodigy OCxTensura by Grazer00
The Reincarnated Prodigy OCxTensuraby Blaze
In this story the main character is reincarnated to his favorite anime "The time I reincarnated as a slime" Characters and story aren't mine and belong to Fuse...
The Void Dragon: Rimuru by ChaosDragon06
The Void Dragon: Rimuruby Letter Chain
gsudnsmsidbsmkzjd hqbzbofns x Many grammatical error and Wrong spell all spelling.
Rimuru: Veldanava's right hand (On hold) by AYANOTEMPEST
Rimuru: Veldanava's right hand ( KIYOMURU
****** ****, the right-hand man of the "Star King Dragon" Veldanava, died after battling the "World Destroying Dragon", Ivarage. However, what the ot...
The Chaos Dragon by ily_gc
The Chaos Dragonby obsessive_reader
A tensura fanfic! "Warning!! cringry 4th grade grammar" "Contains Mature Content Such As "Blood,Gore,Cursing,Killing,Psychopathic Behavior" Stor...