Chap 15: Primordial and merchant

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Rimuru Pov

It's now 1 week since i start teaching the kid and Chloe is always stick with me even when Shizu and the other kid went to play. 'Well i feel something like a connection with her but i can't really understand it.' Ciel probably know but said that she don't want to spoil me.

And today Diablo sent me a trought communication.

Diablo : My queen, i have gather the remaining primordial.

Rimuru : Oh ? It was faster than i expected good job !

Diablo : It's nothing, Kufufufu, what do i do now ?

Rimuru : Wait here i'll come personally.

Diablo : Yes !

I talk to Shizu that i have something to take care and teleport to where Diablo is

Ciel : (Master is now in hell.)

Rimuru :( Oh ? Hell i create it when i was bored so this become the house of the demon huh.)

I see Diablo smiling and three demoness behind him with many injury 'So he fight them, well he is named and have a real body, it's logic that he win.'

Diablo : My queen, do i reach your expectation ?

Rimuru : Yes, for now you are officially my subordinate.

He look really happy and quickly kneeled leaving the 3 demoness look perplex.

Rimuru : Yo ! I am Rimuru Tempest and you are the famous primordial demon right ?

They nodded and Diablo glared at them.

Rimuru : It's fine Diablo, so i want you all to serve me, if you accepct i will give you a name, a body and more importantly you can leave this place, aren't you bored here ?

They look shocked 'So they really bored, huh.'

White : It's true that we are bored but can you really be called our master ?

Yellow : Yes ! I'm not serving some weak person !

Violet : Yes !

'Oh ? So they will accept if i show my strenght ?' as i think i release my aura but this time is my Demon Lord Haki.

The whole Hell shake and they went on their knees 'Even Diablo can't whistand this little power ? I will let Veldora train him later.'

Rimuru : So i am good enought ?

White : Y-yes please let me serve you !

Yellow and Violet looks at each other and nodded 'Their pride took a hit, huh.'

Both : We will accepct your offer!

Rimuru : Very well, i will now give you a name.

I look at them 'I will name them like these car i saw on earth.'

Rimuru : White you are now Testarossa.

Testarossa : I am honored !

Rimuru : Yellow you shall be called Carerra now and you Violet you name is Ultima.

Carerra : Thank you my queen !

Ultima : Yes thank you !

I pull out three golem made from Void steel for them.

Rimuru : Use this as your body.

They do as i said 'These primordial are weaker than i trought.'

Rimuru : For now go and gather you subordinate after that you all have to go in my kingdom Tempest and protect the town during my stay at Ingracia. I will tell my executive about you're arrival ! And call me Rimuru, it's better.

The 4 demons : Hai ! Rimuru-sama.

They said and disapear, i contact Benimaru and tell him the situation.

And i returned to my little and cute student

Rimuru: (Ciel, why do we have to wait to save them.)

Ciel : (We wait because a human kingdom will soon attack Tempest.)

'Eh ? Really so she want to let my subordinate take care of it', Ciel can be really cute but also cruel and with now 4 primordials demons these human can just fell in despair waiting for their death

'And i have to speak with Luminous, she didn't come to see me for while now.' that made me a little sad but i have Shizu so it's fine.

Shizue Pov

It's now 2 months we are here, i looked at the children play with Rimuru-san 'They are happy, i'm so glad', Rimuru-san said that he will save them in some days for now so i don't think about it too much.

We are at a picnic when i sensed an powerfull aura, it's a sky dragon and he went to the town.

Rimuru : I will take care of him.

Kenya : Eh !

Alice : We know you are strong but it's a dragon !

They complained 'I have to calm them.'

Shizue : Calm down everyone ! Rimuru-san is strong enought to beat this little dragon.

Rimuru : Yeah ! Don't worry too much.

She said and fly to the dragon, the kids are in awe when they Rimuru wings 'Even i didn't saw her dragon wings too much.'

The fight was pretty quick, the dragon use an electrical attack and Rimuru-san just take the attack in front and punch the dragon on his head, destroying him.

And now Rimuru-san is talking with a merchant 'She want some professionnal merchant in Tempest probably.'

Chloe : Sensei is so strong !

Ryota : Yes he is !

Gale : Calm down

Well Rimuru-san is a true dragon 'It's not a little dragon like this can beat her.'

Rimuru-san finish his talk and come toward us.

Rimuru : Tonight we will have a dinner in a big company.

'Eh ? So the merchant want to thanks Rimuru-san to save his life, he is quite honest.'

Night comes and the children and i are eating in a big room, the food is excenllent and very high quality.

Rimuru-san and the merchant Myolmyr are in a private room talking about buisness propably.

When we finished, we went back at the school, the children went into their respective room but before entering mine Rimuru-san turn to me with a big smile.

Rimuru : Tomorrow i take you and the children to the dwelling of the spirit in Ungracia.

Shizue : So it's time, huh.

Finally the children will be saved 'I am so excited and happy now.'

Rimuru : Yes Shizu, your regret will finally be erased.

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