Chap 4: Family Reunion

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Velzard Pov

I am so happy Rimuru nee-san ask me to come see her.

'She also had a surprise for me.' Now i'm on my way.

When i arrive i see a new formed village in the forest.

Velzard : After Veldora died, the forest changed a lot, but who did he died ? Is Nee-san kill him ? Well i don't care now, i can have time with nee-san.

I got at where i can sense Nee-san dragon core and enter a house, i saw her drinking some tea, she truly his beautifull.

Rimuru : Hey Velzard, how are you ?

Velzard : Hello nee-san i'm fine and you ?

She just nodded and tell me to take a sit,

I sit beside her and she look at me.

And she teleported us to her imaginary space 'It's as big as last i come, this dimension is bigger than Veldanava personal space' and what i saw disgusts me, Veldora on a sofa reading a book 'the room is dirty and covered by foods and drinks ?'

I look at Nee-san who smile is gone and look at Veldora and flips over to me.

Rimuru : Velzard, you didn't educate our little brother ?

She said and my face turns pale 'Is she mad at me because of that idiot, i'm gonna kill him later'

Now i have to search an excuse.

Velzard : Nee-san, i tried but he's not listening me ! 

I panicked 'Now i'm definitely dead' as some tears appear on the side of my eyes but she just patted my head.

Rimuru: Yoshi yoshi. I'm not madat you Velzard but you can spend a little more time with him, okay ?

I just nodded, i'm blushing really hard now 'I miss her headpat so much.'

Veldora finally see us.

Veldora : Oh ! Rimuru what are you doing here ?

Rimuru : Nothing just a little family reunion.

Veldora raised an eyebrow and looked at me, his eyes widen and fear set them in.

Veldora : Ne-nee-san ! Why are you here ?

Velzard : Like Nee-san i come with her.

After that we all sat down 'it's a shame that Velgrind is not here' but Nee-san told us that in the future we will all be there eating and drinking like a real family.

'I really want that, a normal family wich can spend time together.'

Rimuru : So i would like to ask you two something ?

Velzard and Veldora : Hai what do you want to know ?

Rimuru : What does Veldanava look like during his death, was he happy or sad, maybe angry ?

I was surprised but remember 'Nee-san can revive Veldanava via her soul corridor which is connected to me and him.'

Velzard : No, he was happy with his wife and daughter.

Rimuru : Is it so, i don't need to revive him.

She was sad i can tell it, Veldora is quiet, when i look at him he was looking at the ground 'Yes don't dare embarrased me !'

Rimuru : Why are you looking down Veldora ?

Veldora : Well you've got that highter aura around you.

Velzard : Nee-san, he is right, you are like a queen who can overtook everything, he can't even look at you.

Veldora :'Well it's true but i don't want to anger Velzard nee-san, if i do i'm dead.' he trought

She just smile and we talked many hours about commun things 'It feel good even if this immature Veldora is here.'

I finally left them to return to the ice continent

'It's a very good day.'

Rimuru Pov

After Velzard leaves, i stay with Veldora for a few minutes and return to my room in the village.

'So he was happy, does that mean i can't see him anymore ? I didn't even met my sister-in-law.' 

I want to cry but i will not. 'Veldanava would not want that !' as i was deep in my trought, Rigurd come tell me that there are humans in the forest.

Ciel : (You can go save them master, that will help you)

Rimuru : (And how it help me?)

Ciel : (There is someone important.)

'Oh ? Well i need to see some new things.'

Ciel is really the best.

Rimuru : I will greet them myself, prepared some food for them !

Rigurd : Hai Rimuru-sama !

My little brother you can rest well with your wife.

'I take care of everything here, you don't need to worry.'

I saw like his facein the sky saying thank you Nee-san.

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