Chap 31: Time travel

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Chloe Pov

I am with sensei right now and we are going to Ruberios.

Rimuru-sensei just teleported us after saying goodbye to Shizu-sensei and the other 'I wanted to travel with her thought.' i was little disapointed but it's fine.

We arrived at Ruberios and was greeted by Ruminas-san and Hinata-san.

Ruminas : Hi, you two.

She waved at us, i was surprised by her attitude 'She really changed, the past Ruminas will never even in my dream greet someone like that.'

Rimuru : Hi, Ruminas and Hinata too.

Hinata : Yes, hello.

I just kept quiet and we all went to a secret room in the hidden part of Ruberios.

'It's nolstaligic.' i thought and reached a coffin where my body is stocked.

Rimuru Pov

We arrived in front of a coffin and i can see a beautiful woman in who i recognize directly ;

'Chloe Aubert.' she is the first human friend i ever made.

I was thinking when something come into my mind.

Rimuru : (Ciel, what will happen to the other timeline if i only exist here?)

Ciel : (In the other timeline, the individual Chloe Aubert never meet you, so she is still searching an solution to save the world.)

I was saddened by that but there always a solution 'And Ciel is the best.'

Rimuru : (Ciel, can i do something about this?)

Ciel : (Yes master, there nothing you can't do.)

Rimuru : (Oh ? So what the solution?)

Ciel : (Chloe have to go in the past with the individual Hinata Sakaguchi, at the same time we will create an infinite amounts of parallel existence and sent them in all the timeline possible, then we will supress everything who intend to destroy the world.)

Rimuru : (It's a good plan but this timeline will also change?)

Ciel : (No master is an unique existance who the time and space doesn't affect, this timeline is the original timeline and all the other are just some copy from this one.)

I nodded 'I am relieved.' Chloe will not suffer anymore.

Rimuru : Yosh, i will send Chloe in the past along with Hinata.

Hinata : Eh ? Why me ?

Rimuru : Because you have to.

She is now confused but Chloe interrupted us.

Chloe : But sensei, Hinata still don't have her fighting experience against Veldora !

'Eh, Veldora ?' ah, yes i remember, Chloe sealed Veldora.

So it was Hinata who fight him but how did she gain a fighting experience against Veldora ?

Ciel : (In her timeline, Veldora was freed by Velzard, after a big beating he was totally free and went rampage again, then Hinata came and fight him, she losed multiple time but each time she was left alive and after some fight she started to understand his patern attack and movement allowing her to fight Veldora equally beside the difference in their power.)

So she can fight a True Dragon 'Impressive !'

Rimuru : Don't worry Chloe, i will sent you two in 5 hours, during this time i will train Hinata in my imaginary space.

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