Chap 6: Ogres and a vampire

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Shizu Pov

I woke up in a room on my way out i can feel two things in my shadow but i didn't pay attention to it, as i see elen, i greet her

Shizue : Good morning Helen.

Helen : Oh hi ! Shizu-san where were you last night ?

She said teasingly and my face turned red as i remember.

Her smile widened

After i talked about me staying here, they were sad but Rimuru-san gave them some new armor and weapons and their mood went heppier.

After some Goodbye they left promising to not speak about this village. 

Rimuru : How are you feeling ?

Shizue : Hick! I-i'm fine sorry.

She chuckle 'Cute' and she walks closer and whispers in my ears and my face went complety red

Rimuru : Don't forget, you are mine now.

I just nodded, which gave her a genuine smile 'I really love her.'

Rimuru Pov

We went back to the village and with Shizu we parted way and i went to the forest as Ciel said to meet some ogres.

They in a cave now after the destruction of their village 'Well i can save their village but i just needed some loyal ogres not an army !'

Rimuru : Hello ogres can i talk to you ?

Ciel told me to wear the mask of Shizu, so i have the mask that shizu geve me this morning, she told me that she didn't want to wear it anymore so she gave it to me.

They look at me aggressively and ready to attack.

Past benimaru : What do you want majin !!

Past hakurou : Young lord be careful.

Suddently past Shion attack me with her mace, but when she collided with me, the mace shattered to which cause them eyes widen in shock.

I ran my finger across past Shion forehead and she flew against a tree, past Souei attacked me from behind but i just grabbed his sword and kicked him and he lost conscious.

Benimaru : Eh !? You are really strong.

Hakurou : Young lord, please take the princess and run away, we can't win against him.

Benimaru : Shut up ! I can't leave like that i have my pride as the next leader !

'Oh ? So he is a brave one.' then sensed the old man attack me with a vertical slash but it's too slow, i pull my sword of the void out and put it on his troath.

His eyes go wide open 'I guess not many can deal whit him in a sword fight but i have mastered many weapons art during my travels in the other world.'

I decided to take off my mask and let some of my aura flow, they all fall on they knees.

Rimuru : So you are the leader ? You are pretty strong and have a great willpower

He just glare at me

Rimuru : So why not be my subordinate ?

They all look at me shocked and angry 'Ah ! Yes they think i am the majin that attacked them.'

Benimaru : Why would we serve the murderer of our clan !

'It's seem he is a little scared but can respond, his pride is pretty big.' i have to clear their doubt.

Rimuru : But you mistunderstand something ! Why i would kill or even touch the ogres ?

Benimaru : Don't lie you majin !

'Oho ? he ready to attack his mind is really strong.' but when i was about to move the pink air ogres face her brother and stopped his attack.

Benimaru : Move out !!

Shuna : No brother ! She might be not our ennemy !

Benimaru : But you saw his mask !

Shuna : Yes but look at her strength she is not someone that need some orc to kill us !!

After some realization, they bowed or kneel in front of me and apologize.

They accepted to come to the village for a little party and we talk about their tragedy and i then offer my help agains their loyalty, he told me to let him think and i naturally accepted.

After the talk i saw Shizu have fun and smiling, i was happy to see her like that. 'I love her.'

As i was about to join her, i sense a someone near the village.

Ciel : (Master, it seem demon lord Ruminas Valentine is near you.)

Rimuru : (What does she want.)

Ciel : (Veldora destroyed her town one day and she comes to see if his disappearance is real.)

So i can greet her, i smile inside

Ruminas Pov

Glancing around the cave, 'This damn lizard really dead ?' 

As i trough i sense a strong presence in a nearby village, and i saw here a godness blue-silver hair and yellow, as she smile my hearth leaps faster. 

Suddently she was behind me 'I didn't even see her ? So she is strong too.'

Rimuru : Hello miss can i help you ?

Ruminas : Good evening and no i was admiring the night sky here.

Rimuru : Oh ? So how is the sky in this forest, demon lord Ruminas Valentine

My eyes widens 'Who do she know ? No she is strong and beautiful, it's normal that she know an simple information like that but her face is close too close !' i can see her neck

Ruminas : I-it's beautiful.

Rimuru : Oh ? You are beautiful too like this sky.

She said, 'I can't resist anymore.' as i bite her neck my vampire nature overtook me 'she didn't seems to resist' 

As her magicule comes towards me, i was overhelmed 'Her magicule is so good i can't continue or i will be addicted' this is bad.

After i got away my face went was red 'What did i just do ?'

Rimuru : So you like what you drink ?

Ruminas : Ah ? yes thank you.

Rimuru : You can always come and see me for more you know.

I was surprised

She come closer to me and whispered in my ears

Rimuru : But each time you will have to do me a favor.

So she want a favor 'What might it be ?'

As i nodded, she smile and said

Rimuru : Come see me tomorrow night okay ?

Ruminas : Yes...

I don't know this but it was the start of a special relationship

Rimuru Pov

The next morning the orgres come ro me and gived their loyalty, so i give them a name and the work they will do.

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