Chap 35: World introduction

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Rimuru Pov

Today is the first days of the festival, in a few minutes, the reprensentative of every nation in this world will be here.

During these last days, i sent some invitation to every country royalty and told them that they can bring some other noble with them, i also sent an invitation to the new formed Heptagram 'Guy will come with Velzard, if he touch my sister, i will kill him !'

The Eastern empire will also come 'Well Rudra will come with some guard and Velgrynd.' i want to see him with my own two eyes before doing a judgement, but from what i heard of him, he became with the influence of Michael, a power hungry man.

I was take out of my thought by the first noble arriving.

There are many food of different country all over the world, we put them into an very big room with 3 floors, each one as a view on the lower part.

The first one is for the common noble to duke, the second floor is for the royal family of other country and the heighter floor is for Tempest royal family.

After a few hours, all the nobles guests are here in the castle 'The city is too in a feast mood, so we have many adventurers or civilians coming here.'

I didn't make an appareance yet because i will come into my dragon form to show them how much a threat i can be.

Soon Shuna stood on a heights and started to speak after catching the attention of everyone.

Shuna : Welcome to you all, we are very honored for having so many prestigious family coming here and visit our city, i will apologize for the late of our queen, she have some business at the moment but will come soon.

I noticed some person with disgusting smile 'So some of them are coming here just to see, if they can make us slave or control us.' disgusting.

Shuna : I will now introduce the major guest of this ceremony.

When she said that, the big door of the entry opened welcoming the main guest of this party.

Shuna : Firstly, we have her majesty the King of the Armed Nation of Dwargon, Gazel Dwargo-sama.

He entered with his Hero Haki actived, everyone was fascinated by his charisma and some even bowed their head 'Well his Haki don't have any effect on the monster in this city because of the multiple barrier set here but it's still impressive for someone who don't possess the Hero egg.'

Shuna : The next is her majesty the King of Blumund, Bulud-sama.

'I totally forgot his name !' well author too, is he a dwarf ?

Well he just walk in like that.

Shuna : The next is the representative of the Holy empire of Ruberios, we have the Popoe Louis-sama and the leader of Ten great saint and right hand of God Hinata Sakaguchi-sama.

They entered normally, they are pretty feared because of their power so no one tried to speak to them.

After them a bunch of King or queen entered, their nation are small but we have to introduce them 'It's just some respect.' but now we have some big shot.

Shuna : We will now welcome her majesty the empress of Sarion, Elmesia El-Sarion-sama.

All the guest were shocked, Sarion never really made apparition into some big festival like that, they will probably understand how much this party is important now.

Shuna : We will now pass to the Demon Lord.

She said and room went into chaos, but was quickly shut down by the aura of the guards 'Even the weakest soldier in Tempest are as strong as a greater demon, the medium are equal to an Archdemon and the highter executive are all equal or stronger than a demon lord.' so with all the patrons in the room, we can silence them easily, even the disgusting noble are silent now.

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