Chap 32: Tempest force and El-chan

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Rimuru Pov

I just went back to Tempest after sending Chloe and Hinata in the past.

And now i am sitting on my throne thinking 'Actually my highter executive are all calamity class and the primordial are at disaster class.' i will reward Benimaru for his success as a commander and evolve him into a disaster class.

So i made my plan, in 1 months we will held the founding festival.

At this festival, i will introduce my subordinate to the world 'I will call them my Patron and their respective squad will be the number which will be associate to a different color.'

I asked Ciel to prepare a list for me.

Ciel : (Yes master, we will start with Benimaru who will be attribued the title of Flare Lord, he will be the main commander over the army and his personal squad will be the Red number more know as the Kurenai.)

Rimuru : (Well Benimaru is a natural born leader and i can let him deal with all these army thing.)

Ciel : (We will continue with the Black number, leaded by Diablo the Demon God, the squad is constitued of all the demon gathered by the primordial, in second of this squad, there Testarossa the Killer Lord, Carrera the Menace Lord and Ultima the Pain Lord.)

I made a weird smile 'Ultima really like to torture and give pain, so her title really fit her.'

Ciel : (The next one is Adalman, his title will be the Gehena Lord and he will command the White number who is constitued of all the undead he create and gathered, i also gave him some soul and body of otherwolder master killed millenia ago, these soul was some legendary warrior of their world.)

Rimuru : (Adalman ? He is that strong, so i can give him the deffense of the Labyrinth.)

Ciel : (Yes, he will be one of the guardian of the Labyrinth of Ramiris.)

Rimuru : (One ? How many they are?)

Ciel : (At this moment, i only put Adalman and his subordinate, Zegion who will be the Mist Lord and Apito, the Insect Lord, but only when they finish their training, also Kumara, the Chimeric Lord when she will control her power and finally Veldora who will be at the deepest part of the Labyrinth.)

'So the labyrinth will have an very good defense.' and i suddently have an idea.

Rimuru : (Milim have Dragon King is her rank, i will ask her to take them here.)

Ciel : (It's an good idea, as expected of master.)

I smiled at her praise and let her continue.

Ciel : (The next is Geld who will be the Barrier Lord and have the Yellow number, they will be tasked of the protection of the City, they are constitued of all the orc and other tank race.

Along with them Gabiru will be the Dragon Lord, he will control the Blue number known as the Hiryuu squad, they are Tempest sky unite.)

'Sky unite, huh.' but there also someone else.

Ciel : (Gabiru will work with the now Sky Lord Frey, who will lead the harpy and other race with wing, also Carrion will now be the Beast Lord and work with Geld but their main fonction are to manage and protect their own city, the only condition for them to fight is to receive a direct order from Benimaru or master, Carrion will control the Golden number and Frey the Silver number.)

I nodded, Ciel is really awesome, without her i will be able to manage a certain amounts of thing but not that many.

Ciel : (That conclude the different squad called number, we will pass to the individual title, first Shion who gained many skill during these last event, she will be the War lord, the next is Ruminas, after giving Ruberios to us, i create a soul corridor between us, she is slowly absorbing some of master magicule throught the corridor and soon will reach a new level probably comparable to Veldora.)

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