Chap 12: Diablo and Charibris

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Diablo Pov

After having seen that being destroyed Ifrit and breaking the mask, i immediatly wanted to be under her, so i watched her from hell, but one day she went to a dessert place and forcefully summon me ' What a power, as expected of my future master ! i trought

I quickly take two of my subordinate and appear before her to greet her.

Noir : Greeting supreme one it's an honor to be called by you !

Rimuru : Hello Noir,i will keep it fast why are you spying me.

Noir : No supreme one, i was not spying you but admiring you're greatness !

Rimuru : Oh ? Then what do you really want ?

Noir : If i may please let me be serve you.

I kneeled 'I will do anything !'

She look at me and smile not a good smile 'This smile sent shiver in my spine, as expected even me, i'm scared.'

Rimuru : All right, i will first name you but if you want to be under me, you have to prove your worth..

Diablo : I am grateful to be tasked by my queen.

Rimuru : Then you will be Diablo for now.

As she said my body covered with magicule and i evolve to Demon duke 'Kufufufu, such power is as expected of my queen.'

Rimuru : For your first task, tell me how many primordial are left in hell.

Diablo : Yes, there 3 left beside me, the primordials yellow, violet and white.

Rimuru : Oh ? So bring them to me.

Diablo : Kufufufu as expected from my queen.

Rimuru : Do not disappoint me, i expect great of you.

She said and teleport away  'I need to perfectly do my first task, a fail is not possible Kufufufu.'

Rimuru Pov

Last night i give Diablo a task to see at how much he will go for me and now i am on a cliff with Benimaru, Shizu and Milim 'I can see Charibris with my dragon eyes, probably Milim too.'

The whole army are ready working under the skill Generalissimo of Benimaru 'He is a good commander.'

Benimaru : Rimuru-sama we are all ready !

Rimuru : Oh ? So then bring us the victory !

Everyone : Hai!!

The fight start at Charibris arrives with 11 Megalodon 'So this is a Megalodon, well is just a big shark.'

Our strategy is simple, our army is divided in small group who will each take down the Megalodon one-by-one.

The Goblins are doing a diversion and put them into a trap to attack the side 'it's a good strategy as expected of Hakurou', i looked at Geld and he stopped a megalodon with his bare hand and with the help of Gabiru they killed the big shark 'Geld is pretty strong and Gabiru has grow huh', Benimaru and Shizu also join and with a mix of black and golden flame, they burn done 2 Mégalodons 'Shizu power grow up every time i see her, it's good.' i smile.

After a moment where i watched them fighting Raiga and Ranga with Shion on his back went in 'Ranga and Raiga can fly now and Shion strenght also grow'.

Souei also use his thread manipulation 'It's interisting.'

Leaving Charibris alone, i stared at her.

Rimuru : It's time huh.

As i said, they all attack Charibris using spell or throwing weapons at her but her regeneration was too high 'It's impressive, even a demon lord regeneration can be compared to her.'

I look closer and remark that this Phobio was the Vessel 'So he came for Milim.'

Rimuru : Milim you can take him down ;

Milim : Huh ? You said that is this city problem why change now-noda ?

Rimuru : Look at Charibris with your eyes.

She tilted her head and look, she immediatly understood and smirked 'She is too cute, it's illegal !'

Rimuru : Everyone withdraws, Milim will take her down, you all did well !

They all cheered up because of my praise and quickly retreat.

Milim stood in front of Charibris looking at her eyes.

Rimuru : Don't kill the idiot inside.

Milim : Muhahaha don't worry i will go easy !

She said 'easy huh, how strong his your daughter Veldanava ?' i am excited to see.

Charibris started to be furious looking at Milim and attacked with her scale.

Milim stopped them and shouts

Milim : Take this!! Drago Buster!!!

As she said, magicule energy start to form a energy ball who exploded Charibris and leaving nothing behing 'Excellent work !' i trought and catch Phobio at the same time.

I put him down and extract Charibris Core.

Rimuru : (Ciel start to create a body and a will please.)

Ciel : (Yes master.)

'I will finish in my imaginary space later.'

I then start to heal Phobio, everyone is here so i explain the matter with Milim and praised her with some head pat.

Milim : Hehe it's feel good-noda !

Rimuru : Then it's a good thing, now Demon lord Carrion come out.

They all watched at where i looked and Carrion come out 'He is not a true demon lord ? So among the actual demon lord, some are so so weak.'

Carrion : So you noticed me huh.

Milim : My Aun-besties is the best-noda !

I put my hand on my forehead 'Ah Milim, you've grow but you still a child, not like i dislike it.'

Rimuru : So Carrion what do want, if you want to take Phobio then take it.

I said and throw the unconsious Phobio to him to which he just catch it.

Carrion : Haha ! Thanks queen of monster to spare him, if you need anything ask me !

Rimuru : Then create an alliance with my country, we can start with a non-aggresion pact.

Carrion : Is that all ?

I nodded and Phobio woke up.

Phobio : Carrion-sama what are you doing here ?

Carrion : I come to search you Idiot !

Phobio : Eh ?

He look at me then at Milim and bowed his head on the ground 'Yes, you look very stupid.'

Phobio : Sorry!!

Rimuru : It's enought we have no casually so told us how did you find Charibris core for the apologize.

The dryads all nodded and he then told about the clown moderate troup, that angered Benimaru as he rethinking about the one that help the orc but he hide his rage.

Carrion and Phobio then leave after giving me a warning.

Carrion : Rimuru be wary of Clayman, he litteraly hate you.

'Clayman ? Ah is this weakling that i partically killed across the space.' i don't need to worry about him but Milim has a little reaction 'Did she plan something ?'

Rimuru : Don't worry, Clayman is weak.

He smile and teleport away.

I looked at everyone

Rimuru : Let's go back everyone and good work, you all did well !

Everyone : Hai !

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