Chap 34: True Hero determination

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Shizue Pov

I am Shizue Izawa and right now i am in front of the man who summoned me in this world.

I don't hate him anymore because if he didn't do that, i will never have meet Rimuru-san but now i am standing alive stronger than ever.

I took out my sword and took a fighting stance, Leon too did.

At this moment the time started to flow slowly, my brain work at his max 'I will win !'

Rimuru-san gave the start and we immediately rushed at each other.

I covered my sword with flame and slashed at his left arm but he countered and launched his sword at me, i quickly dodge 'As expected, he is strong.' i put more strengh and made a front slash who which he parred, the shock of our swords made a shockwave destroying the surrounding.

But he has more power, and i was pushed away, when i look at him, his eyes was cold 'I was scared, there are the same as this days, when he ordered me to kill my unique friend.' my legs were shaking and i started to breath quickly.

I was loosing hope 'Why ! Why ! Why !' am i still too weak ? I was about to give up but.

Rimuru : Shizu ! Are you really going to give up ?!

At her voice, my mind immediately wake up 'Yes, she is with me.' i can't disapoint her.

Leon seeing my new found determination, rushed at me with his sword, i used my sword with all the remaining force, my body started to burn, golden flame appear and cover the arena.

Leon seem surprised but recomposed himself and create a white light covering his sword 'Is this his pure energy ?'

My golden flame went toward him and his light went into contact with my spell.

The shock made the earth shake, the wind become unbreathable but with the saint body, it's not a problem.

I continued to put my magicule into my flame, losing slowly my conscious 'I will still loss ?' i thought, when i suddently heard the voice of the world.

VOTW : (Notice : The individual Shizue Izawa as completed the Hero egg, evolution into a True Hero start. Notice the sleeping evolution was canceled by the Void Dragon Rimuru Tempest.

Augmentation of all physical Ability, succesful. Acquisition of Magic resistance, Spiritual attack resistance, Demon magic resistance, succeful.)

'Eh ? What happen ?' i'm evolving ?

VOTW : (Saint body evolve into a True Hero body, succeful. We are now passing to the new skill, creation of the Ultimate skill Hero Lord Arthur after fusioning the Unique skill Heroism and the title of Conqueror of flame. Fusion of Fire spirt magic and the unique skill Ignition, succesful, acquisition of the Ultimate skill Fire King Helios. This all for the evolution.)

When it end, i sense my power increased, i feel a little sleepy but it's okay.

The surrounding is covered with a mist, but was removed by a wind magic 'Thank you Rimuru-san.' when Leon saw me, his eyes widen and glanced toward Rimuru-san.

But i immediately slash my sword at him, he barely dodged 'My speed has increased and i feel lighter.'

I covered my sword with flame, but this was not the same golden flame i have, but white, these flame was as white as snow, when the slash touch his sword, he was sent many feet behind 'My strengh also increased.' i notice that these white flame have burn the ground totally leaving some mark.

Leon took a serious look and said.

Leon : It seem, you become a True Hero, i have really misjudged you.

Shizu : Whatever you said, i will win this fight.

We glared at each other, when suddenly he created a white beam, the shot was burned by my flame, he seem to evaluate my new power 'I will not let him.' i run toward him with my sword with just an body boost.

'These withe flame seem to be create from pure light and fire magic, if i remember correctly Leon possess a skill allowing him to use the purity of anything to attack.' so my flame are the best source of purity here for him.

We engaged in a pure sword fight and i have slight advantage, the difference in strenght was now gone with my evolution.

After a few counter, he back away and seem to concentrate and the area was covered with a bright light, and my body suddentely felt heavy 'This attack is dangerous.' i started to use my Flame but they turn red 'He is absorbing the purity of my flame at the same time ?' i stated to create more.

The heat in the room grow but was totally removed when Leon launched his attack 'This attack can kill me ?'

Leon : Holy Breakdown !

I was covered by his attack 'What do he think ?' killing me in front of Rimuru-san ?

But i sense nothing 'What happen ?' but i remembered something, the second Ultimate skill i got, Hero Lord Arthur, Helios can't protect me from this attack, and Rimuru-san didn't seem to move, so she already know that i will survive.

I take a big breath and destroyed his spell, his face was so shocked that his mouth can touch the ground, i was about to rush at him but was stopped by Rimuru-san.

Rimuru : It's enought !

Rimuru Pov

The first part of the fight was boring, Shizu is stronger than Benimaru and equal to the primordial trio and weaker than Diablo, but now she is fighting at her max, her determination is impressive.

When she evolved, i stopped the sleeping part of the evolution, so the fight can continue and after observing a little but soon stopped the fight 'There no point now,' Leon don't stand a chance anymore.

Rimuru : It's enought !

They looked at me but shealtered their sword.

Shizue : Why stop now ?

Rimuru : It simple, Leon can't win anymore.

Leon : What do this mean ?

Rimuru : I will explain, your Ultimate skill Purity King Metatron, is an Light, Holy and spiritual magic but the new Ultimate skill of Shizu allow her to have a total nullification of these magic, the only ways for you to beat her is to kill her by your sword skill and as you see you two are equal in that.

He nodded but his face showed a little frusration 'I lied a little, Hero Lord Arthur is a special skill i create long time ago.' the skill i create have their own conscious and can only be obtained by a chosen person, the skill himself chose Shizu.

Rimuru : Because of you, Shizu evolved, so i will not make you my punching bag for now.

Leon : Thanks you, i guess.

With that i took Shizu and leave to Tempest.

Leon Pov

Shizue Izawa, i really messed up, she is now stronger than me, no she has an advantage on me.

She was able to draw me back and defeat me, a defeat is not important for me but this one hurt particulary.

But it's fine, Rimuru has no problem with me now, i will have to create an alliance with her 'I am sure, Rimuru can find Chloe.' it's my sole ways at the moment.

As long i can find and see Chloe, i can even lost my pride.

Rimuru Pov

We arrived at Tempest and Shizu went to sleep, the fight has taked half of the days 'And the evolution has tired her.'

I went to my desk and started to think.

Dwargon, Blunmund and Falmuth are under control, you can also add the territory of Tempest, the Jura Forest and four demon lord territory from Carrion, Frey, Milim and Clayman, you can also say Ruberios is Tempest territory.

And with Yuuki, Ingracia is also under control.

With the help of the festival, i will take control of the rest of the Western Country 'All went well.'

I smiled and closed my eyes 'The world of peace will soon be here Veldanava, i wish you can see it.'

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