Chap 33: Shizu fight

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Rimuru Pov

It's been now some week before the festival and now i will go to Yuuki 'I visited Clayman in Azathoth dimension and he was he in a really bad shape so i decided to give him back now.'

I teleported in Ingracia and went toward the guild.

I sensed 5 person in Yuuki office 'Probably these clown along with Yuuki.'

When i entered the room, Kazaream looked at me angrily as the other too.

Rimuru : Hi Yuuki, its been a while right.

Yuuki : Oh ! Rimuru-san, why did you come here ?

Rimuru : Nothing really, just respect my part of the contrat and give you back something.

He raised an eyebrow but soon understand and the clown are confused by Yuuki reaction.

Rimuru : Former demon lord Kazaream, you don't need to be so angry at me you know.

She looked shocked by the way i talked to her but quickly put her guard on and readier a attack but was stopped Yuuki.

Yuuki : Don't worry, Rimuru-san is someone we can trust.

Kazaream : And how ? She killed Clayman !

Rimuru : Stop here ! And i didn't kill Clayman.

They all looked at me shocked and wanted to say something but restrained themself.

Rimuru : Here.

I said and throw Clayman on the floor, his eyes were red and he looked dead, but as soon he saw the light of the room, he came back at his sense, his expression was just horror and when he saw me.

He immediately put his head on the ground and beg me to stop 'Hahaha, you look pathetic.'

The clown tried to calm him but the traumatism caused by Azathoth was too big.

Yuuki then punch him on the head to knock him out.

Yuuki : Rimuru-san , do you really have to hurt him that much ?

Rimuru : He dare hit my niece, it's normal to have a pay back.

He sighed and nodded, he then told the clown about our relationship.

At first, they were against it but after i activate my aura, they agreed.

Rimuru : I need to go now but before that.

I said and take out an invitation for the festival and give it to Yuuki.

Yuuki : What is that ?

Rimuru : An invitation, you want to have a family and live in a peaceful world right, so i will show you a part of the world i want to create, come to the festival with your new family.

He nodded and i teleported away, the next one is Leon.

I arrived in front of Shizu room 'The kid are still sleeping, i will call Shuna to take care of them today.'

I knocked at the door 2 times and open it without w    aiting an answer.

Shizue Pov

This morning, i get up and do my morning routine like everydays.

I take a bath, relaxing before going to deal with the kids but today is different, i went out of the bath with just a towel and went to put some clothes.

But someone open the door, i turned my head toward the door and saw Rimuru-san, we stared at each other, when her gaze went down, i myself look at where she looked and saw my body still covered with only a towel.

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