Chap 16: Dwelling of the spirit

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Rimuru Pov

I woke up and join Shizu, after the kids come i told them about the spirit and then i teleported them all in front of the dewelling of the spirit 'Now that i think, i never meet a spirit queen before.' i was never interested in spirit because they are not strong or weak just some normal being to me.

Rimuru : Now all of you are ready ?

They all slowly nodded 'They seems scared well it's a importent moment in their life after all.' Shizu seem to have seen the worried look in the children eyes.

Shizue : Don't worry everyone all will be fine !

Chloe : Yes ! We have Shizu-sensei and Rimuru-sensei.

Alice : Yes !

They cheered up it's good.

We then enter the dewelling and face a labyrinth 'Using spirit magic to change our sense and get we lost is pretty smart, this spirit queen must be some kind of genius.' but i have the hability of nullify all type of magic so it's useless.

As we continues our walk, we started h to hear some voice laughting 'Well it's pretty creepy.'

Chloe : Sensei !

She said scared gripping my sleeves 'Geez Chloe, are you really that scared ?'

I gently patted her head to calm her and it's very effective.

Rimuru : Oy ! I can sense you queen of spirit get out of here !

Ramiris : Eh ? Why would i do that ? And how do you know me ?!

Rimuru : Why not, oh ! Don't tell me the spirit queen is shy and crybaby that she can't even meet someone !

I said exaggerated but 'Milim told me that she is stutborn so i need to provoke her.'

Ramiris : Ah !! You, i am not a crybaby !!!

Rimuru : Then proves it !

I look at Shizu who wore a little smile and try to not laught.

Ramiris : Grrr ! Then if you can pass a test i come out !

Rimuru : Very well.

I said and the road become brighter and we got in a room with a golem in front of us 'This golem is incredible, the science used is advanced, is this spirit create it ?'

Ramiri : If you beat my golem i come out ! You scared now aren't you !

She laughed at me and i looked at the kids 'They seems worried, i can't let them like that.'

I was about to take a step but Shizu stopped me.

Shizue : Rimuru-san let me deal with this one please.

Rimuru : Sure good luck.

She nodded and drew her sword and walked slowly to the golem stopping just a few feet from him.

Ramiris : Ah ! A challenger ready to lose !

She said and the golem's eye started to glow red and her magicule started to rise 'It's still weaker than Shizu.' i trough.

The golem then throw a punch but Shizu dogded and sliced the golem arm but it didn't even scratch it 'Hmm ? It's pretty hard.' Shizu sword is an Legendary class weapon and this Golem can take one hit.

Shizu then uses Ignition and golden flame appears covering her sword, she then slices the golem and it is got cut in half 'She become really strong, propably the strongest after me in Tempest actually.'

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