Side story: Christmas gift

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3nd Pov

In the forest of Jura, there a town of monster where everyone can live equally.

This days is the 24 december in our world, it's Christmas days.

The queen of monster have set up this festival for everyone to enjoy, give a gift to your loved one and pass time with your family, this is the spirit of Christmas.

We can see Rimuru Tempest sitting in her office, she was searching a gift for her friends.

Not finding anything, she asked her partner Ciel to search for her.

Ciel Pov

Master asked me to help her with the christmas gift, so to find a good gift, i will go into their dream.

But personally'I don't like it !' some are my rival for master love and i have to help them.

I do that only because master asked me.

The first one i went is the frost dragon Velzard, little sister of master.

Velzard Pov

I was in nee-san room, my head on her lap while she was patting me.

She softly pat my head 'It feel so good.'

She then stopped and i can see myself become a baby dragon again.

I was now on nee-san head 'I feel sleepy.' i was about to fell asleep but was disturbed by a little boy with Galaxy blue hair color.

He was my older brother Veldanava.

Veldanava : Nee-san ! Why do you just take care of Velzard and almost forget me !

Rimuru : Ara ara, are you jealous ?

He blushed 'How cute.' i made a pround smile that just made him more angry.

Velzard : Veldanava, leave nee-san alone ! It's not your fault that i am her favorite.

His head become red of jealousy, he then wanted to grad me but we both received a chop on our head 'Ouch ! It hurt !.'

Rimuru : Stop you too, we are a family so don't fight with each other.

'Hehe, she didn't deny about me being her favorite.' i nodded at her and we all went to eat some sweet.

Ciel Pov

This was a good dream, as expected of my future sister in law...

Now the next one is the seconde little sister Velgrynd.

I went toward the Eastern empire and saw her sleeping.

Velgrynd Pov

I wake up in my bed 'Where i am ?' i looked around and Velzard entered with a cake.

Velzard : Everyone will soon come.

Velgrynd : What are you talking about ?

Velzard : Your Birthday.

'Birthday ?' Well i was curious about this since i saw some human celebrate it but we True dragon didn't really have a birth days or more likely we don't remember.

Velgrynd : What days are we ?

Rimuru : Ara, forget your own birthday is sad you know.

I looked at the widow and saw my eldest sister, she was wearing a beautiful dress.

Rimuru : Awake ?

Velgrynd : Y-yes nee-san.

She smiled at me 'She is so elegant, i wish sometime i have a beauty similar to her.'

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