Chap 5 Shizue Izawa

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Shizue Pov

Hello my name is Shizue Izawa and i am known as the Conqueror of Flame but that's another story, actually i am runing because i asked these 3 idiots to go with them in the Forest of Jura but the leader Kabal is clumsy and steps on a giant ant net which is a B class monster.

'I have to fight them.'

I turn around and face them.

I kill them easily but one escape my vision and attack me from behind, i readier my sword but at that moment Ifrit try to take control and my body loses his strengh

Shizue : So this is where i'm going to die ?

But the damage never comes, when i open my eyes i saw a woman, no a godness in front of me looking at the paralized ant.

'Are they scared of her ?'

Rimuru : Get off of my sight !

She said and the existence itself of the ant got shattered like nothing.

'I don't know what to say anymore.' i look at Elen and the party, they are also shocked with their mouths open.

Then the godness turn around and looks at me

Rimuru : Hello, who may you be ?

Shizue : Eh euh, hello my name is Shizue Izawa.

Rimuru : Shizue, mmmmmh

Shizue : Is something wrong ?

She kept staring at me and i can feel my face turn red 'She really beautiful'

She suddently moved closer and place my face between her hand

'I didn't move because if she want i will be dead at the moment she saw me' 

Rimuru : You must have suffered a lot but your soul is still so pure !

My eyes widen 'Who do she know ? No who muwh did she know ? She talked about my soul ? She can see it so.'

Then the other comes closer and after some presentation, she takes us to her village 'It's so beautiful these monsters are like humans, if i haven't my mission to save the child, i would like to live here.'

After eating and went to cliff and looked at the village.

I then sense Rimuru-san 

Rimuru : Good evening Shizu-san

Shisui : Yes, good evening Rimuru-san

Rimuru : Do you like my village ?

Shizue : Yes, it's beautiful.

Rimuru : Shizu-san are you japanesse

My eyes widen again 'Does that mean she's also from Japan ?

Shizue : Yes and you too ?

Rimuru : Ah nonono ! I visited Japan once but i'm not from there like you.

She visited ? 'Can she cross a dimension, is it even possible ?'

I am mor curious about her now.

Shizue : Ne rimuru-san where are you from ?

Rimuru : I can tell you but promise me one thing before.

Shizue : Eh ? If that's something that i can do.

Rimuru : Alright i want you to be mine.

Eh ? Ehhhhhh !! 'What did she just said, it's sure that i can feel something in my heart is it love ? But even if i want i can't sadly.'

Rimuru Pov

What i just said is equivalent to a confession but 

'I don't know why but when i'm near her, my heart goes faster and i can't take my eyes off her.'

Her soul is majestic and so pure, she is even more beautiful than my little brother.

Rimuru : Tell me what you wanna to do now.

Shizue : Eto, i can't you know i don't have much time left.

Oh ? 'Do she talks about the fire spirit inside her.' 

I can easily remove it and give her my blessing to extend her lifespan.

Rimuru : If you can live longer, do you want it ?

Shizue : Eh?!

Shizue Pov

Rimuru-san is really mysterious 'Do i want to live in this world, no i don't want to but if i can live with someone that i can love' i would gadly accept.

Shizue : Yes i want it !

At this moment the contryside changes and i am now in a white room with nothing.

Rimuru : I'll help you !

She smiles at me and my heart keeps going faster 'This smile is illegal.'

Shizue : Yes please !

Then i feel Ifrit leaves my body but nothing happened, my body is the same even after ifrit leaves i don't feel that i am weaker and the voice of the  world tell

Votw : The Void Dragon Rimuru Tempest give the blessing of the Void God to the individual Shizue Izawa,

Acquisition of unique Skill Heroism and Ignition.

The individual Shizue Izawa has evolved into an high human.

'Ehhhh !? she is a true dragon, now i understand her strenght but i never heard of the Void Dragon even from demon lord Leon.'

Trought i don't know why but i want to follow her.

Rimuru : Yosh ? Now you can fill your regrets.

Why she do so much for me ?

Shizue : Why did you help me ?

Rimuru : Even I can't do it for free you know

Shizue : Uh ?

Rimuru : Remember as i said before, i want you to be mine.

My face turned red really red but i can't look away from hers yellow eyes that can see trough everything.

Rimuru : I want you to tell me about everything like your pain, your happiness, your sadness or even your despair.

I-i don't know but tears start to form on the side of my eye and instinctively start to tell about my arrival in this world, demon lord Leon Cromwell, the friend that i killed, the hero that help me and my precious student.

Suddently she hugged me and i let all of the tears that i kept for all these years and i finally fell into a deep sleep.

Rimuru Pov

She's really brave and strong 'I love her even more.'

Ciel : (Master really loves her huh)

Rimuru : (Don't worry Ciel, you'll always be my favorite.)

She blushes and i chuckles at who easy she was to tease.

Now Shizu is in my arm, i returned to the village and laid her on a bed and leave.

Rimuru : Raiga, Ranga come out.

Both : Yes ! my queen.

Rimuru : Protect the girl inside at all cost.

Both : YES !

I will probably leve her even mor with time.

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