Side story: Zegion

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Zegion Pov

I want to be stronger, no i need to be stronger.

I failed to protect my family and i lost everything, the only one left is Apito.

But then i meet my master, the one to whom i pledge loyalty along with Apito.

I still remember the days we meet her.


I was injured after losing my family, i ran away with a bee that i considered as my own sister.

But we won't live long with these wounds, this is when we saw a woman walk pass us.

She had Blue-silver hair and yellow eyes, at first glance i thought she was human, but then she turned to us looking straight at me and my sister.

'Is she gonna kill us ?' she had no aura but my instinct are telling me to don't go against her.

'Well, i'll surely run away if i was alone, but i have to protect my sister.' she's the only one left, i can't let her die.

Then the woman approached us and with what little strength left in me, i stand in front of her.

Rimuru : Hello, are you okay ? You look hurt.

Past Zegion : Go away !

My sister is hiding behind me probably scared.

Rimuru : Hm ? Don't worry i won't harm you.

Even if she said that i need to keep my guard up.

Rimuru : How about a deal ?

Past Zegion : What ?

Rimuru : A simple deal, your friend is a bee, isn't she.

At that point, i tensed up 'She want my sister? I will protect HER even if i have to use my own life.' i was about to attack but she stopped me.

Rimuru : I want her to give me honey and in return i'll protect you two, it's a good deal right.

'So this is what she want, i'm a relieved.' but do we accept, i she even trustworthy ?

I looked at my sister and she nodded 'We don't anywhere to go.' so we can only accept and pry for our safety.

Past Zegion : We accept.

Rimuru : Alright, firstly my name is Rimuru Tempest and you two ?

Past Apito : We don't have a name.

Rimuru : Oh ? So you the bee will be Apito and the beetle will be Zegion.

She said and immediately after an black haze covered us, then i felt that something had changed in me, my wound got healed and my power increased 'Even thought we don't know her, she looks a good person.' maybe is not that bad to serve someone like her but we can't trust her right now.

She then took us to the Driad plain and we started our new life.

Flashback End

It's been over 1 years now, we're here and it's amazing, Rimuru-sama is not only kind but very strong too and seeing her power, i wanted to be stronger and protect what is dear to me, and one of my new goals is to protect what Rimuru-sama has created.

That's why i'm going to ask Rimuru-sama now.

It has been 3 days since the Walpurgis ended and Rimuru-sama came every the 2 days to collect honey.

I was thinking, when i saw Rimuru-sama, Me and Apito went immediately toward her.

Rimuru : Oh ! Zegion and Apito, how have you been ?

Apito : We're fine Rimuru-sama, and here the honey.

Rimuru : Thanks Apito, your honey is the best !

She takes the honey and tastes it 'It's the moment.'

Zegion : Rimuru-sama, can i make a request please.

I bowed my head.

Rimuru : Of course, what do you need Zegion ?

Zegion : I want to be stronger ! I want to protect everything that is dear to me and not lose anything more !

She looked at me and smile warmly.

Rimuru : Alright, but are you ready for your training, do you think you can keep up ?

Zegion : Yes, i am ready for anything.

She held her hand toward me and something entered my body, i then take a Humanoide form 'I can feel my power growing.'

Rimuru : From now Zegion, you will train with my little brother Veldora and the rest is up to you.

Zegion : Hai, i am grateful.

'Veldora, the storm dragon ?' if he is her little brother, then Rimuru-sama is also a true dragon, well not that matter she is, i pledge my loyalty to her and this life she saved, i will use it to protect what she create no matter what happen.

And so my training began, Apito also joined us some weak later 'I will protect her and this country which is my new home.' this time i will not fail.

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