Chap 10: Velgrynd and beastman

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Velgrynd Pov

It's been 3 day since i heard this message and today i meet my unknown sister or lost sister.

I told Rudra that i am going meet someone, he was suspicious but let me go, as i arrive in the Jura Forest i saw a woman with blue-silver hair and yellow eyes watching me while she wait me 'So it's her, she is beautiful.'

Rimuru : Hello sister, how are you ?

Velgrynd : Hello i am fine but how do i know that you really my sister ?

As i said, she released her aura whiwh was directed at me.

'So strong even Veldanava can't even compare to her, i also sense her dragon core.' so she really my sister.

Rimuru : So Velgrynd, would you like to spend some time with your older sister ?

Velgrynd : Yes, that's what i came for.

She smile 'It's cute and beautifull at the same time.'

She then teleports me to her immaginary space in a room with a table and two chair 'There are also food that i don't know.'

She take a sits and i follow her exemples sitting in front of her.

As we speak i can see how elegant and majestic she is 'Truly a godness.'

Rimuru : So Velgrynd, what are you doing back then ?

Velgrynd : I'm just following someone called Rudra, he is a hero.

She look at me and smile 'Shit this smile must be forbidden !'

Rimuru : Oh ? So you like a human.

Velgrynd : Eh!! No it's not like that!

She laughed at my mysery 'Is she really is a true dragon ? Well she looks mature but it seems she like to tease me.'

Velgrynd : Now stop talking about me !

Rimuru : Eh why ? My cute little sister already hate me ?

She grabbed her heart and shed a fake tear 'Huh ?!'

Velgrynd : No i don't hate you !

Rimuru : Oh ? So it's good.

Her smile is back 'She really likes to tease me but even i when i saw her sad made me uncomfortable.'

Rimuru : So what do you want to know ?

Velgrynd : Well can you talk about you and why i never heard about you ?

She think for a moment but tell me her story about the creation of the universe and her sleep, at the end she adds that she asked Veldanava and Velzard have to keep her identity secret.

'So that why.' i trought.

'But i am happy that she my sister even if i don't know her, i have this feeling telling me that i will like her.'

Velgrynd : So sister, what are you doing right now in the forest ?

She was surprised because of the way i call her but i can tell she was happy.

Rimuru : Nothing more than building a nation where monster and human can live together.

Velgrynd : Is that so ?

After talking for many hours i went back to the empire with a smile on my face 'She really is a good sister, i didn't even feel the time pass.'

Rimuru Pov

As i finish with Velgrynd, i go back to Tempest but i just saw an explosion 'It's Milim ? Who dares attack her in my own town !' my blood starts to boil and i teleport right away.

Milim Pov

I was visiting the town with Shuna and Shizu but suddenly heard a fight, so i took a look and see a subordinate of Rimuru injured on the ground.

I watch whoever does that, it's a beastman 'Rimuru told me that violence isn't allowed in this city !'

I leaked my aura because of my anger 'How dare he break Rimuru rules !'

Milim : How dare you break a rule !

Phobio : Eh! Demon lord Milim !

I run up to him and throw a punch at him, knocked him out.

Shizue : Milim what are you doing !

Milim : Eh ! He start a fight here !

As i said, Rimuru appears behind me and i remember she told me not to cause a problem and i just beat someone up 'She will be mad at me' i trought and started to panick but she squeezed me in her arm

Rimuru : How are you milim ! Are you injured ?!

Milim : Ah no no no ! I am fine-noda.

She is relieved and looks at the one on the ground with hostility but managed to calm down.

she turn to me 'Will she be mad me and teach me a lesson ?' i was a little scared.

Rimuru : Don't worry about that Milim but don't do it again okay.

She said patting my head 'She really is the best-noda'

Now we're in a meeting room and speak about something but i don't understand too much.

Rimuru Pov

I spoke with this Phobio guy and he told me about demon lord Carrion and is mission coming here.

'So Demon lord Carrion strongest subordinate is so weak ? He can fight Benimaru but he remains weak.'

Before he left he glared at Milim with hostility 'Ah ? So he angry now but Milim is a dragonoid so he don't stand a chance against her.'

But after some day, i sensed a burst of energy 'What is that ?'

Rimuru : (Ciel what is this energy ? there a bit of true dragon energy.)

Ciel : (Master, it seems it's a mindless monster born from a leak of veldora, you can say they are his children.)

'Eh ?! So they are my niece too ?' but why she wake up now ?

Ciel : (It seems the individual Phobio is the receptacle.)

Rimuru : (So he was that angry, did he attend to attack us.)

Ciel : (Yes but he will not have is free will.)

I will deal with him later for now 'Charibris is mindless?)

Rimuru : (Can i gave a consious to Charibris ?)

Ciel : (Yes you can.)

So it's decided 'I'll leave them to Veldora after that and there also this fire spirit i take from Shizu.'

Veldora : Atchoum

A day later a dryad come and talk to us about Charibris and so we therefore prepared our deffense.

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