Side story: Ciel date

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Ciel Pov

Master and i are walking around Dwargon. 'Tomorow we will see Kaijin and try to hire him.'

But now i'm on a date with master, she create an i clone improved with her void energy for me, my face is the same as master but i have crimson red eyes, she holds my hand as we walk.

'I am so happy right now !'

Rimuru : Is there something you want to do Ciel ?

Ciel : No, as long as i'm with master everything is fine for me.

Rimuru : Is that so ? you'r so cute you know

I blushed ' Master not fair.'

Master is very playful and loves to tease me or any cute woman she meets 'That made me a little jealous but if is master choice then i respected it.'

And due to her deity statuts, when she want something she will have it.

Rimuru : Ciel want some food ?

Ciel : Yes !

We take some random food from a stand and ate on a bench in a little garden, i enjoyed the food so much because i don't go out so much with my own body 'After all the best place is in master body' as i think some crumbs are left on my cheek and master come closer and lick it and ate it

Rimuru : It's very good Ciel you have a good taste.

I can't even pronounce a single word 'Ma-ma-master ju-just lick my cheek!!'

I look down in embarrassment and blush so hard.

Ciel : Y-yes thank you master.

She smiled and took some of her bread and give it to me.

Rimuru : Say ahh...

Ciel : Ma-master !

Rimuru : Ah sorry ! Is just too cute to see you embarrased.

'Geez master is very childish sometime.' but what happen next was too much for me, she put the bread in her mouth and kiss me giving it to me

Ciel : mmmh!!!

After 1 minute, she let me go with a string of saliva and i blushed so hard right now 'Master kiss me !!!'

She smiled and and wispered in my ears.

Rimuru : Don't worry Ciel, you'll always be my favorite.

Ciel :!!!!

It was too much, i unconsciously come back into master body and hide my face in my hand in the imaginary space.

Rimuru : HAHAHA !! Your reaction is always so funny and cute Ciel-chan.

She continue to tease me 'But master love me, that simple sentence made me happy.'

This is how me and master have our first date.

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