Chap 9: Alliance and Milim

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Rimuru Pov

After the orc battle, we held an meeting wich lead to an alliance in the Jura forest and became the leader. 'I have 50% of the forest under control now.'

Ciel told me in a few day will come my meeting with Milim 'I'm so exited to meet her.'

I almost forgot that Ruminas is here.

When we get back, i create a clone for my subordinate and went to meet Ruminas.

Rimuru : Yo what are you doing here ?

She was not suprised that i came behind her out of nowhere but instead she blushed very hard 'It's pretty cute.'

Ruminas : I was just looking at you.

Rimuru : Oh ? Were you worried about me ?

Ruminas : No ! Why would i be worried ?

She looked away 'Is that a tsundere ? Well not that i care for now.'

After chatting, she leaves and i come back to my subordinates.

Some day after the war event i named all the orc. 'I finally can have a pause !' as i was thinking.

King Gazel came with a hundred of Pegassus knights

'He probably come to see my new create town and make an alliance.'

King Gazel : It's been a long Miss Rimuru.

Rimuru : Yes it was, so what do you want ?

King Gaze : I want to form the alliance, we spoke the day you came to Dwargon.

Rimuru : Very well, we will discuss tonight.

He nods and Rigurd guides them to a rest room.

Night come and we eat, laugh and talk 'Now the real question is here !'

King Gazel : So Rimuru, what's the name of your country ?

'Yes ! That the real question.' the name of a country is one of the most important things for a country.

Ciel : (Master can name it The kingdom of Tempest.)

Rimuru : (Yes that good idea Ciel, as expected of you !)

She just blushed and close the through communication.

'Well kingdom of Tempest is not very original but i have nothing come into my mind right now.'

Rimuru : Why not the kingdom of Tempest.

I said and they all rejoiced and named this city who is also the capital « Rimuru » 'Well it's sure embarrassing but i take it.'

Later that night King Gazel returns to Dwargon

'I also have to do that.'

Rimuru : After meeting Milim, i have to see Velgrind too.

The next day King Gazel come back with Vesta and promised his loyalty and to work very hard. 'Well i don't like him but he truly a genius in science.'

i give him the cave of Veldora for his experimentation.

After that, Gabiru and his men became my surbordinate along with the chief daughter to join my country which i easily accepted and started auto-name them.

'I don't know what i'm doing if i don't have the auto-naming, the goblin, the wolves, the orc and now the lizardmen.' if i have to name them myself, it will take an eternity in my eternal life !

Well that not the point right now, the plan is Gabiru will cultivate the hipotuke herb and Souka with her squad will work for Souei as spy. 'I also see Souka have a crush on Souei.'

A few days later, while walking, i felt a stong aura coming here 'It's milim' i smiled

Milim Pov

Today i'm finally going to visit her. 'I don't know why but i am nervous' as i flying she releases her aura to tell me where she was. 'There she is-noda !'

I landed in front of her i felt her dragon core 'So she is a true dragon ! How it is possible ?'

Milim : Hello, i am Demon lord Milim Nava-noda !

'Yes i made a cool entrance-noda' i was thinking she might be surprise but she just smiled and walked up to me, i was surprised because she hugged me and patted me on the head 'It feels good-noda'

Rimuru : Hello Milim-chan, my name is Rimuru Tempest, your aunt or maybe you prefer refer me as Veldanava elder sister.

She said 'It's impossible but something in me wants to believe her.' she continue to pat my head and i can only look at the ground, my face was really red like fire.

'What do i call her ?'

Rimuru : Oh ! and call me what do you want Milim-chan, we are a family after all.

Milim : So can i call you Rimuru ?

She smiled and nodded 'She's sweeter than Velzard or Velgrind but not like Veldora.' she is a very good person i can tell it !

After some discussion, she takes me to her town and gives me some honey.

Milim : It's very good-noda !

Rimuru : There is a lot food as good as honey you know, also don't cause a ruckus in the town okay ?

I nodded, around her i can just blush and listen to her but 'It's not a bad sensation-noda.'

After she introduces me as her best friend because she dosn't want others to know her statut as a true dragon and i meet Shizu a human.

Milim : Hello, i am Demon lord Milim Nava-noda !

Shizue : Hello Milim-san, i am Shizue Izawa nice to meet you.

She was smiling 'Her smile is so kind-noda !'

As nightfall i went in a hot bath with Shizu, Shion, Shuna and some other girls, they said Rimuru had something to do so she couldn't come. 'That made me a little sad-noda.'

Rimuru Pov

After discussing with my executive about Milim and the demon lord balance, i went back to my house 'Ah ! I forgot to tell but Shizu and Milim will live with me.' and i need a castle now we are a country.

On the roa,d i searched the dragon core of Velgrind and sent a message to her via trough communication.

Velgrind Pov

I was watching the horizon in the castle of the Westtern Empire, when i get a message.

Rimuru : « Hello little sister, my name is Rimuru Tempest and i am your elder sister, i would like you to come in the Jura Forest alone to meet you in a few day. »

With that the message ended 'I don't understand that, i only have Velzard nee-san as a sister' but i sensed her dragon core

'Who is she ? Is she really my sister ? If yes why i don't know her ?' maybe it's a trap.

Velgrind : i have to go meet her.

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