Chap 14: Yuuki Kagurazaka

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Yuuki Pov

I have a meeting with the ruler of Jura Forest and queen of monster 'She can be a good pawn for my goal' as i think

I enter the room i see her with the mask of Shizu-sensei and beside him was Shizu-sensei herself

'What the hell is happening ?!'

Yuuki : Shizu-sensei you are alive ?!

Shizue : Eh ? Yes i am and stronger than before.

She said pround of herself, this is a big surprise but now i looked at the ruler 'I can't feel anything huh', let introduce ourself first.

Yuuki : Hello my name is Yuuki Kagurazaka, grandmaster of the guild.

Rimuru : Rimuru Tempest, you already know who i am right.

Yuuki : Haha, yes you are right.

I tried to use my skill to corrupted her mind but it's not effective 'What appenned ?!', i looked at Shizu-sensei and she don't move.

Rimuru : Ara, you play a very danerous game right now.

She has the mask covered her face but i can tell that she was smiling.

Rimuru : Do you want to know what happening right now ?

I nodded 'She is dangerous.'

Rimuru : I stopped the time only you and me can talk, move or even thinking now.

Yuuki : Wh-what ?! How can this be possible !

I was panicked 'What do she want ? My death ?', no if she wanted i will be already dead now with this kind of power 'Stopping time it's normally impossible on a large scale ! What the hell is she ?!'

Rimuru : Calm down and let talk, what are you planning, i can sense your ill intentions just by looking at you and then at our first meeting you tried to manipulate me with this skill of yours ?

Yuuki : Wh-what do you mean ? I don't plan anything.

She released her aura ' So strong, I really stand no chance huh.'

So the best choice is to tell her

Yuuki : Well i didn't have any escape road now.

She stopped her aura and took off her mask 'A godness trully.'

Rimuru Pov

I treathen Yuuki and he tell me his plan about destroying the world using the power of Veldanava, i was angry but eventually calm down 'Even if he can borrow the power of Veldanava he will not have his original power and this Velda is not the reincarnation of my little brother for sure.'

Rimuru : I have a proposal.

Yuuki : Mmh ?

Rimuru : Work under me.

He is shocked i can say it.

Rimuru : I will make this world a world of peace so you don't need to destroy it.

Yuuki : And how can you do it ?

Rimuru : Don't worry about it but i will tell you a secret or more like a important information.

He raised an eyebrow of confusion waiting my next sentence

Rimuru : Even with the power you search you can't beat me.

Yuuki : Huh ? How can you tell that ?

Rimuru : It's simple the power of my little brother can't kill me.

Yuuki : Little brother ?

I smiled 'Yuuki is a lost child, i will help him and this will also make Shizu happy.'

Rimuru : Allow me to present myself again. My name is Rimuru Tempest the Void Dragon and the strongest among the True dragon.

I said releasing this time not a simple aura but the infinite power of the void himself.

Yuuki look is beyond shocked right now 'This power of mine is out of this world after all.'

Yuuki : I-i see

After that we speak and he agreed with my plans, i got a new subordinate and a valuable one.

He then told me about the moderate clown troup or Demon lord Kazaream and Clayman plan.

I promised him to not kill Clayman 'Well, i can let him live but if he do anything wrong, he will suffer something more fearful than death.'

Rimuru : So we have an accord ?

Yuuki : Yes.

With that being said i restart the flow of the time with a Yuuki still a little bit shaken.

I also put the mask on.

Shizue : Huh ? Are you okay Yuuki ?

Yuuki : Yes im fine so why did you come here ?

We then told him about the child 'well he already know but agreed because he work for me and Shizue is here.'

I smiled at him before leaving.

Shizue Pov

Rimuru-san and me are in front of the classroom door right now, as she open a slash of fire come at her 'Ah ! These kids will never change but i feel anxious now, what i will do if they hate me ?', As Rimuru-san stopped the flame and scoled them a little, he call me and i enter

All : Shizu-sensei

They said and hugged me 'I am so happy, they forgave me.'

We talked a little and i appolgize, then Rimuru-san presented himself and went outside for a little test.

Rimuru: Come at me all of you at the same time !

Kenya : Eh ! I never loose against anyone beside Shizu-sensei.

Alice : Yes ! Who do you think you are !

They shouted, i am embarrased now they don't know the power of Rimuru 'I need to teach them some manner later !' beside Chloe look particullary anxious.

Shizue : Chloe what wrong ?

Chloe : Eh ? Eto Shizu-sensei when i look at Rimuru-sensei i have this impression of i already meet her.

'Heh ? Meet Rimuru-san, it's impossible, well probably someone who ressemble from the otherworld.'

As we speak Rimuru-san beat them without injured them 'As expected from her.'

Even if they are sad becose of the loose, they easily accepted her as their new teacher and that made me really happy.

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