Chap 37: Chaos tournament Part 1

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Rimuru Pov

I didn't expect this but i am pretty exited to see it 'I also wanted to see their progress.'

In the arena of the colosseum, there are many of my excutives who are about to fight but only four will pass to the next round.

The battle royal is about to start and i can see some member of the different royal family tensed up 'They propably recognized the primordial trio.'

I smiled while waiting, the time seem to slow down.

And at this second the fight started.

Many outsider where knocked out immediately just by the aura of my subordinates 'I can't expect too much from outsider...'

There also Ultima who is already fighting Carrera.

Testarossa on her side is going toward Shion.

This battle turned into a total anarchy, energy ball were throw everywhere, the shock of their punch destroyed the ground and the air become hard to breath 'Impressive, if the barrier was not here, everyone here who are below a greater demon will die.'

The fight continued leaving only my executives 'I also saw some giants fighting Shion but got one punched.' the Tengu tribe is interesting too, if it was not for Carrera, they are probably strong enough to take down Geld or Gabiru who are still fighting 'Truly interesting.'

After some time, the fight finally reached his sut down and sowly the first one start to fall.

Geld and Gabiru got in the way of Ultima a,d Carrera fight, Beretta got almost killed by Testa.

There now just the four Shion and Trio demon, they stared at each other and started to form their respective attack 'I am surprised to see Shion fight them equally thought.' but she is still slightly behind them.

When they were about to throw their magic, i stopped everything with Azathoth.

Rimuru : This fight is over !

I looked at Souka and she understood 'I don't want them to kill each other.'

Souka : The winner of the group are lady Shion, lady Testarossa, lady Carerra and lady Ultima

The crowd was silent by the display of strength but soon all clapped their hand loudly.

Elmesia Pov

What are these monsters 'I can't even keep up with them in magic field.' who is my speciality.

Sometime i looked at Rimuru during the fight and she was still wearing her smile, her aura truly was the one of a queen 'I might piss myself in front of her...'

When they were about to throw these magical attack, i readier myself because each one can probably kill me.

But my expectation was wiped out by Rimuru, who just absorbed, no destoyed 'What is this power.'

I was too shocked to even talk.

Gazel Pov

It's insane, honestly if Tempest wanted to destroy Dwargon, we can just watch them do.

It's good that Rimuru don't search destruction.

And a True dragon 'I didn't expect this.' i am happy to have followed my instinc that days.

3nd Pov

In the Colosseum, there are many noble, royalty or civil but one of the strongest group in the world was also watching the scene.

They are the demon lord, Heptagram.

Even for them, the display show was impressive.

Guy : Your sister is insane you know.

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